Celtics Unveil New “Parquet Pride” Alternate Uniforms

What is that on his arms? Wait….


Firs thing. Sleeves. Yuck.


I’m not really feeling these at all. It has a very collegiate look. The grey is just blah and the Celtics don’t even have grey as a color. Grey for greys sake.

Second, the sleeves. Did I say that already? Stop it NBA. When it comes to sleeves NBA = No Body Agrees (With the Decision to Have Sleeved Jerseys).

Third, I don’t like that belt buckle design. Just look way out of place. The Patriot-esque sleeve stripes aren’t too bad, but then again, they shouldn’t be there because this shouldn’t be a SLEEVED JERSEY!

There are a few things I do like however. The font. It is a little different than the current font, more of a throwback style with the serifs.

I like the shamrock on the shorts. I do like the use of the parquet design on the uniform, but I wish they would have included gold as a color. Gold also looks like wood color so it would work in that sense too.

They should have used these colors:

Even the sleeve’d versions of these weren’t terrible.

Oh well. For the handful of games we’ll see them in, it will be okay I guess.

FYI, this is a Celtics concept I came up with. Maybe I’m biased, but I like it more.



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