Giancarlo Stanton Talks Reach $320 Million

Giancarlo Stanton is quite the player.

Dude just hits bombs at will. He’s only 25 and has got years ahead of him to continue doing the same. The Marlins want to keep him. He’s the only guy I can name off the top of my head on the Marlins. Hell, I bet he’s the only guy Marlins fans (all 10 of them) can name off the top of their collective heads too.

That’s why talks for keeping him have reached the (que loud voice over voice) THE $320 MILLION DOLLAR RANGE (echo).

S’lotta money.

He’s probably worth it. He produces ever years. Even though he hasn’t played more than 150 games in a season in his 5 years in Miami, he still became the sixth fastest to 150 home runs.

He finished second in the NL MVP voting this year, obviously losing to Cy Young WInner Clayton Kershaw. If it wasn’t for the ball to the face shortening his season, he had a legitimate shot at it (but Kershaw was dominant so…maybe not?…I don’t know)

That brings me to this. I have one question for Stanton.

“If you get $320 million, but no one sees you play in Miami………… you even care?”

The Marlins finished last year 27th in attendence, only ahead of the White Sox, Indians, and Rays.

Stanton’s deal, if true to be $320 for 12 years equals $26.6 million a year.

The total payroll for the entire Marlins roster this past season was $46 million.

So he gets more than half of what they pay the entire team this last year when he was making $6.5 million a year. (BTW, funny to see Salty being #2 in term of salary at $6 million a year).

So, good luck GIancarlo. Just be prepared to see this for 12 years, that is if you last more than 2 more in Miami before you either want out or get traded.





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