Jeremy Clarkson OUT at Top Gear, BBC Reports

BBC – Jeremy Clarkson’s contract will not be renewed after a physical altercation with a producer, the BBC’s director general Tony Hall has said.

Lord Hall said he had “not taken this decision lightly” and recognised it would “divide opinion”.

However, he added “a line has been crossed” and he “cannot condone what has happened on this occasion”.

Clarkson was suspended on 10 March, following what was called a “fracas” with Oisin Tymon in a Yorkshire hotel.

The row was said to have occurred because no hot food was provided for him following a day’s filming.

An internal investigation began last week, led by Ken MacQuarrie, the director of BBC Scotland.


Well, it happend, The BBC fired Jeremy Clarkson, one of the popular hosts on one of it’s most popular shows, Top Gear.

This sucks for the future of the show. On one hand, it’s easy to see why he got fired, and over something as stupid as the hotel not serving the food he wanted.

On the other, it makes you wonder what the future of the show will be like. Will Hammond and May leave out of solidarity? Will they replace Jeremy and carry on? I don’t know.

I’m curious to know though, as are a lot of people.


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