David Letterman’s Set Is Going to a Special Place….A Dumpster


NY POST -“Thanks, Dave. Now get out!

CBS wasted no time in kicking David Letterman’s set to the curb. Sentimental fans gathered outside the Ed Sullivan Theater on Thursday to watch as stagehands unceremoniously crushed and sawed through iconic pieces of the “Late Show” backdrop the day after the final show.

“I can’t believe they’re just demolishing the whole thing. It’s shocking,” said Stephanie Strausz, of Manhattan, who scored a second-row ticket to Wednesday’s star-studded finale.

“It should go in the Smithsonian, not the Dumpster,” she said.”


David Letterman ended a 30 plus year career on late night tv Wednesday night and now his set is getting tossed out. For real. Just like throwing it into a dumpster and breaking it up. Kinda unusual, you think they would save some of it. I guess they are saving some things, but you think CBS could cash in and sell pieces to fans or anyone that wants it.


But should we really be surprised that the set was tossed in the trash? There is precedent for this. It happened about 18 years ago. On Seinfeld.

The first thing that came to mind when I heard this story is Kramer pulling the old Merv Griffin set from a dumpster and setting it up in his apartment.

We just need a real life Kramer to do just that. Resurrect the old set and have a talk show in his apartment with his 4 friends as guests.

Cue the video!

Like Kramer said, “Only it New York!”


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