Should the Celtics Go After David Lee?

ESPN – David Lee, who is the second-longest tenured player for the Golden State Warriors and as close to Steph Curry as any member of the newly crowned NBA champions, has likely played his last game for the team, league sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

Sources said the Warriors have privately acknowledged to Lee and his agent, Mark Bartelstein, that it would be unfair to the former All-Star to ask him to continue to serve in a limited role next season after Lee accepted his diminished minutes without complaint all season.


The Celtics are in need of another big man. Lee is a solid player. I know he didn’t play too much in the finals but he did have a good game when Kerr starting him.

His numbers were way down this season, thanks to an injury and the emergence of Draymond Green, as he logged less than half as many minutes as the previous year (904 vs 2288) and scoring only 388 points vs the 1257 in 2013-14. He did though, have the same amount of blocks as the previous year (26).

So, is he an attractive option for the C’s?

What do you think? I don’t know for sure. I don’t know too much about Lee to be honest. If you came here thinking I would tell you, I’m sorry. The title was a question, but I’m not answering it, just asking it.


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