Hawks Get New Uni’s – My Take On Them

hawks unis 2015

The Atlanta Hawks have officially unveiled their new uniforms for this upcoming season.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Red, white, and blue are gone and in their place is a sort of return to the red, yellow, and black of past years. More on that, though
  • The yellow is not yellow but highlighter, fluorescent yellow, which is a popular accent color on many Nike, UA, Adidas, and Reebok clothing.
  • The uni’s feature a pattern on them of triangles, an interesting visual element
  • Overall, they mix some new age colors and design with the old school logo and you get the 2015 Hawks Uni’s

Ok, now up above, those are the facts. Down below, these are my opinions.

The fluorescent yellow – Don’t like it for a pro team. Feel collegiate and gimmicky. I think it will be outdated in a few years and the Hawks will probably have new unis by 2020. A nice yellow would have been fine. DOWNGRADE

The pattern on the jersey? I kinda like it. It’s different. It adds something to them to make them stand out a little but not too much. I LIKE IT

The wordmark and letter design? It is nice. Modern looking but not too out there. I LIKE IT

There is also a possibility of matching different jerseys and shorts for different combos.

hawks unis 2015 2

This could be interesting. The last team to do this was the Wizards and they weren’t that well liked. But who knows. UNDECIDED

Overall, I think the design is pretty cool looking but I just hate the yellow. A nice, regular, golden yellow would have been fine.


I rank them behind the Sixers and ahead of the Clippers as far as new uni’s this year.


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