Baby Girl Can’t Even Walk, But She Can Climb Rock Walls Like A Pro

NBC TODAY – At 8 months old, babies are typically starting to crawl or play with blocks — but little Ellie Farmer was already a successful rock climber before she could even walk.

Her parents, Rachael Farmer, 28 and Zak Farmer, 31, built a rock wall in Ellie’s room when she was 2 months old. Six months later, when she was starting to pull herself up on things, she would use the wall to balance, and eventually with her parents’ assistance, learned to climb the wall.

“It’s physically impossible to get her away from the gym! She loves to just get on the wall and climb,” Rachael told, describing Ellie as a very energetic and adventurous baby who regularly smiles and laughs a lot.


Something else, huh?

Horizontal forward movement on 2 legs? No.

Vertical movement with 4 limbs? Don’t mind if I do.

This kid can do this but I couldn’t even do the cargo net when I was 8. (Ok, I did finally grow balls and get to the top. Thankfully I had a 1″ mat underneath me incase I did fall (what felt like 10 stories) what was probably 20 feet.


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