Jimmy Fallon May Have Made Us All Discover A 90’s Hip Hop Gem

On the Tonight Show, Jimmy has a few bits called his “Do Not Read” list and “Do Not Play” lists.

The other day he had the “Do Not Play” list, a list of real songs that are pretty bad that you need to hear them but you really shouldn’t.

One of them was this song by rapper Jazzie Redd, called “I am a Dope Fiend”.

Right away, the title gets you sucked in. The you listen and it sounded like a Will Smith type, story telling rap that he was famous for.

The whole bit is good, but go to 2:30 for the Jazzie Redd part.

I love the chorus, sang by a guy who can’t really sing.

“I am a dope fiend, and I need drugs. I got them from Chico (who’s that?) The neighborhood thug”

If that isn’t enough to get you to listen to the whole thing a few times, then maybe you’re a dope fiend too.


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