The Best of Pedro Martinez

pedro retired number 45

Tonight is the night. Pedro Martinez is getting his number 45 retired at Fenway Park. He is now among the greats of Bobby Doerr, Joe Cronin, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, and Jim Rice.

This is a great day for Pedro, and a rare bright spot for us Sox fans, so let us look back at some of Pedro’s finest moments as a Red Sox player.

One of everyone favorite memories, Pedro starting the All Star game at Fenway and just K-ing every body. 5 strikeouts in 2 innings. 1 guy was thrown out. Pedro wished the base runner was safe so he would strike out 6.

Here’s Pedro plunking a guy and then getting thrown at himself, and he charges the mound.

Here he is starting a brawl in Tampa Bay. Classic Sox-Rays rivalry.

Here is probably the most famous of Pedro’s fights. The Don Zimmer head toss roll. Grab the head, step the to the side. Let hte momentum of an old fat guy do the rest.

Pedro throws 1 hit ball and K’s 17 Yankees in New York.

Here he is throwing 9 pitches stirking out 3 batters to start a game.

And then there’s the lovable Pedro. Just goofing off in the dugout.

Remember Nelson?

There are probably a ton more I missed. But I hope you enjoy these and remember how great and how fun it was to watch this guy pitch.


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