DraftKings Picks – Week 2 – How Will I Do This Week?!

week 2 draft kings 2015draft kings week 2 prices

Ok, here we are. Week 2 of the NFL season. And if you’re like me, you’re playing DraftKings.

You might also be like me and have won $0 so far. But I’m hoping that changes.

These are my picks for Week 2 and a little explanation. I may have been a little too over reactive from Week 1 but oh well.

QB – Marcus Mariota – I took him for 2 reasons. One, he had a great game against a bad team (Tampa Bay) and he’s playing another bad team (Cleveland). Also, he was pretty cheap, on $6,000. My other pick, if you want to go higher, is Drew Brees against Tampa Bay ($7,800).

RBs – Carlos Hyde and Chris Ivory

Carlos Hyde had himself a game Monday night. And I’m hoping he can do it again. Pittsburgh’s defense isn’t bad but I think it’s worth taking him, also a cheap pick at only $5,100.

Chris Ivory – He’s listed as questionable now, but any team against the Indy run D is a good pick in my book. Also a cheap pick at $4,700.

WRs – Odell Beckham Jr, DeAndre Hopkins, and James Jones.

Of this bunch, James Jones is the over reaction pick, as he had a good game last week, but I think his familiarity with Rogers is a reason he might do it again. Another cheap pick at $4,700.

DeAndre Hopkins just looked like a good pick for me. He’s gonna have Ryan Mallett throwing this week and I think he will get a lot of looks. My priciest guy so far, $7,400.

I had to pick ODB. He cost a lot ($8,800), my highest cost (last week my highest priced player was Calvin Johnson, another recevier and he ended up scoring the fewest points).

I hope it works out better this week. I honestly don’t know how Atlanta’s pass D is but Beckham will just catch it.

TE – Rob Gronkowski. He will be my all season until a bye week or if I run out of money first. Worth the money every time in my book ($7,300).

FLEX – Scott Chandler – He’s cheap ($2600) but got on TD last week and is going against his old team this week. I will probably pick him every week too since he fist the price point.

DEF – RAMS – They are going against Washington. They sacked Russell Westbrook 6 times. I think they can get whoever is QB in DC no problem. ($3,100)

I had $300 to spare but I felt like I had the best team on paper (er, screen).

Now we wait till Monday to see how I do.


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