Check out the New Uniforms for NFL’s Color Rush Thursday Games

If you haven’t heard, later this month and for the rest of the season, the NFL has created some color on color matchups.

This was announced a while back. When I heard this, I was all for it.

Soccer is the one sport where color on color happens often. In all four of the major North American sports, its color vs white or in baseball, white vs grey.

I like color on color. If you have two teams that don’t clash (lets say Browns vs Packers), I think there is no reason it can’t happen all the time. When we I heard the NFL would be doing this for Thursday games, I just assumed both teams would wear their colored jerseys. Simple.

Nope. Not that simple.

Instead, the NFL has gone a little NBA and created entirely new uniforms (repeat, uniforms, not just jerseys) for the games.

But they took it further with this whole color on color. I mean, they really made its color vs color, as in the the teams will wear one solid color, head to toe, err, scratch that, shoulder to toe (the NFL has the one helmet rule so if you have a different color helmet than your jersey, it stays different).

Here’s what the Jets and BIlls will be wearing.

What do you think? Cool? Too much?

I think just going with the colored jerseys would have sufficed.


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