Warriors Get Bucked

I knew this would happen.

I really though the Celtics would win last night. And they almost did. They took the Warriors to two overtimes and nearly walked away with the W.

But the Bucks had the Warriors on the second half of a back to back, in which the first half was a double OT game.

Here’s my analogy. Indulge me if you will.

The Warriors are like a jar. Yes, a jar. The kind an old lady ask you to open.

At the beginning of the year, they were the defending champs. The lid was on tight. Teams came and went, and tried to turn it a little, but no luck. They couldn’t open the jar.

And the longer the season went on, the more the Warriors won, but the lid got a little looser each time.

The Celtics almost got it open. They turned and turned and it looked like they could get it open, but their hand hurt to much and they had to pass the jar on.

The Bucks got that jar and turned, and guess what, it opened.

So yes, the Bucks handed the Warriors their first loss, but the Celtics wore them down enough to make it a little easier for the next guys.


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