Seven Takeaways From SuperBowl 50

1. Denver’s Defense Is for Real

I guess it’s a little weird to wait to the very last game of the season to say that. They were ranked Number 1. They did beat the Patriots. But the idea of Cam Newton and this Panthers offense that went off on Arizona, well, we thought they would give the Denver D a tougher time.

Not what happened.

I thought Newton’s legs would get him away from all those rushing Broncos, but that didn’t work.

Denver got 7 sacks and hit Cam a bunch of times. He missed open passes early. Was it nerves? I don’t know. But Denver’s defense outplayed the offense of Carolina.

They were General Zod with Kryptonite last night.

2. The Field Sucked

This is the third time the field was replaced at the new Levi’s Stadium. Now, it was happening anyway for the Super Bowl, that’s just the procedure. But it was the same people who did the grass for Levi’s for the 49ers anyway, and they had issuese all year with slipping and bad footing.

Thankfully there wasn’t any game changing play that happened because the turf gave out under a players cut, but still, there were plenty of guys falling down.

3. No One Could Hold onto the Ball

This was definitely true for Carolina, but the Broncos lost the ball a few times. And I don’t mean just lost fumbles, I just mean any fumble, regardless of who recovered.  There were 7 recorded fumbles in the game, but a few more of guys just losing possession for a second.

4. Halftime Shows Look So Much Better When It’s Dark Out

I liked the performances by Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce, but it doesn’t feel the same as when its dark. The show just kinda started. For example, two years ago when Bruno Mars started, the entire stage was dark, and then Bruno on his little drum platform played to start. That was cool.

Also, you can’t use the lights in the daylight like you can at night or in darkness in a dome.

This year, Chris Martin is just kneeling down on the field in plain sight. Not as dramatic entrance.

Overall though, still a good show.

5. We STILL Don’t Know What a Catch Is

Ron Rivera challenged a play that was ruled incomplete. I thought it would be overturned. Nantz and Simms thought so. But the Officials didn’t. When was possession established? I thought it was catch. Elbow down, knew down, roll, balls wiggles. I’d call it a catch. Who the hell knows anymore.

6. Being an MVP Doesn’t Help You Win A SuperBowl

The last MVP to win a SuperBowl was Kurt Warner in 1999. And don’t forget, he was a yard short of LOSING that game. From

“Since then, Warner won the MVP in 2001 and lost Super Bowl XXXVI to New England; quarterback Rich Gannon won the 2002 MVP with Oakland and lost Super Bowl XXXVII to Tampa Bay; running back Shaun Alexander won the 2005 MVP and lost Super Bowl XL to Pittsburgh; quarterback Tom Brady won the 2007 MVP and lost Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants; quarterbackPeyton Manning won the 2009 MVP with the Indianapolis Colts and lost Super Bowl XLIV to New Orleans; and Manning won the 2013 MVP with the Denver Broncos but lost Super Bowl XLVIII to Seattle.”

We can add Cam to that list now.

7. Wearing White Might Mean You Win a SuperBowl

Eleven of the last twelve winners have worn white. The Broncos were the home team, usually meaning they would wear the colored home jersey. But their colored home jersey is orange and they are 0-4 in SuperBowls with the orange. So they chose to wear white, as the home team decides. For whatever the real reason was, it may have helped. You can’t argue with the results.

Now we all hope that Peyton retires and goes out on top. Maybe a few Budweisers will help him with that decision.




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