Celtics Rally Back, Fall Short. Bruins Get Smoked By Kings.

So, Boston had both teams in action tonight.

The Bruins were home at the Garden (where they are actually worse than on the road). Even wearing the road white uniforms (the Kings wore yellow jersey alternates), the Bruins didn’t have any luck. They got blown out 9-2. Rask let in 5 while his replacement Gustavsson let another 4. Jonathan Quick only allowed 2 all night. This was one of the most lopsided losses in recent memory for the B’s.

Once again, a returning former Bruin got the better of their old team. Milan Lucic tallied a goal of his own early in the third.

So, that was the Bruins night. It was over pretty compared to the Celtics, who despite having a double digit lead early, and being down by 19 late, rallied back to get it even at 111-111 with 1 second to play.

The reason they tied it up was a nice play idea slash boneheaded foul by Milwaukee. Down 2 with 1 second left, the Celtics tried the inbound lob to the basket. Kelly Olynyk was pushed and since the Bucks were over the limit, Olynyk got 2 shots and hit them both, tying the game.

With the same 1 second left, Avery Bradley, the hero against the Cavs, fouled Kris Middleton. Realy should have just let him take the shot. Let him beat you on the jumper than at the line.

He hit the first shot and purposely missed the second to use up most of the 1 second left. Jae Crowder got a full court heave off but it was well short.

Dissapointing loss for the Celtics, who were on fire as of late. Another 100+ game for the C’s, as they continue to be the highest scoring team per game in the East, and still 3rd in the East.

Bruins, 6-3-1 now in the last 10, are currently 7th in the East.


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