New “Rogue One” Trailer Drops


It looks frickin’ sweet!


All the old school costumes and ships but made today with superior technology. In the car world, that’s called a resto-mod. Classic looks, modern mechanics.

If you don’t know, this movie takes place right before Episode IV: A New Hope. It is the story of the rebels who stole the Death Star plans that Princess Leia eventually  gives to R2D2 and sets that whole series of events in motion.

Now we didn’t see Vader in this trailer but we know he is in the movie. I’m guessing when they release the first official full length trailer we see him.

Here are some screen caps courtesy of the Replica Prop Forum:

Our new main character

Mon Mothma looks the same as the original actress

DeathStar weapon being installed. Pretty cool.

Cool looking Imperial Officer. All about that cape life.

Original Stormtroopers

Forest Whitaker

Cool new Trooper


You can see a bunch more here






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