Examining the Case of Will Smith V Bitch

You may not be aware, but there is a well documented account of rapper and actor Will Smith being involved in a car accident with an old lady. You can watch the video below to listen to Will’s account of the incident.

This is a very interesting case. Based on the evidence presented, it seems like Mr. Smith is not at fault, but everything seemed to be going against him.

Let’s examine this case.

Here are some facts, as presented in Mr. Smiths account.

  • Mr. Smith is 21 years of age at the time of the incident
  • The incident took place Friday the 10th
  • The court date was Wednesday, October 4th
  • The lady was 90 years of age
  • Mr. Smith was driving a convertible Ford Mustang 5.0
  • The lady had a Ford Pinto coupe
  • Mr. Smith was dressed all in white, with a hat, and had a rash on his butt

This is 1990 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. Since the incident took place most likely in 1989 or 1990, a new Mustang GT model year would be 1990.

Color isn’t specified but this is what he had.

And the old lady

The Pinto was made from 1971 to 80. Pictured is a 1978 model.


Now if we inspect these facts, there is one area that doesn’t line up. And it is with the dates.

Will Smith was born in 1968 on September 25. He would be 21 from September 25 1989 to September 24, 1990.

Since there is no month given for the day of the incident, looking at all the months from September 25, 1989 to September 24, 1990, we find that there are a few dates

  • Friday November 10, 1989
  • Friday August 10, 1989

We know it isn’t until Wednesday, October 4th that he has his day in court.

Wednesday October 4th occurs in 1995. The previous Wednesday October 4th was 1989.

Now according to California Labor and Employment Law, the average civil case takes bout 1 to 2 years from incident to decision. In the case of Mr. Smith, 6 years would seem very rare.

Is it possible Mr. Smith misremembered? If Mr. Smith was only 20 years old and the event took place in 1989, the accident would have been Friday, March 10th and court case on Wednesday, October 4th. This seems like a much more plausible time span for everything to occur. It was definitely warm enough in Palm Springs to have the top down on his Mustang. Average high temperate in March 1989 was 86.6 degrees F. 

So after this deep look into this case and the discrepancies, we never actually know the outcome of this case. Was the old lady found to be at fault?  We might not ever know.

But we know one thing.

That bitch saw his blinker.



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