The NBA’s Case of Tighty Whities

As many of you know, Nike is the new uniform supplier for the NBA, taking over for Adidas. New with Nike’s takeover is the use of the maker’s mark on the jerseys themselves.

Previously, with Adidas, Reebok, and other manufacturers, the league kept the logos off the uniforms, allowing only the team and league logos to be present. It was the only league that was like this, but now, they too are like the other major sports.

Another change this season was the addition of advertising patches than many teams now have. In a few cases, like the Celtics and Cavaliers, the logos don’t look too bad since they are actual logos and not work marks. But for the rest, having a big rectangle with a word on it really isn’t appealing. (Neither is the idea of ads on jerseys, but at least logos are better than wordmarks).

One of the gimmicky, marketing driven changes to the uniforms wasn’t to the actual uniforms themselves, but to the previous designation of home and road uniforms.  Before, for the majority of the teams, it was white at home and color on the road, with the occasional alternate jersey worn in either case. Also, the majority of teams wore white compression gear at home and black or a color on the road. Now, however, that idea is gone and we have “Icon” and “Association” jerseys. The Icon is white, association is the color, and “statement” jerseys are the alternates.

The NBA already in recent years has had more color on color matchups and now that the idea of specific home and road jerseys is gone, it seems the league is now encouraging more teams to play color on color. On a road trip, a team can now bring 3 uniforms if they really wanted to. This might be why, so far, I’ve only seen teams wearing white compression gear during the preseason.

Take a look at all the road teams wearing white compression gear.

Image result for nba preseason

So far the Magic are the only team who I haven’t seen wear white on the road.


As a Celtics fan, it is definitely noticeable from the old way of black gear.


We will have to wait and see what happens during the regular season.



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