The Gordon Hayward Injury

Wow. Unbelieveable. I’m still having a hard time processing the whole thing. I didn’t see it like. I was actually watching the Yankees game when Aaron Judge was at bat. I came back into my room and saw everyone at the game standing around and heard Reggie Miller comment on the murmuring in the building. I was like “What is going on?”.

So I did the 15 second rewind that Xfinity has, and kept going back and back and then I saw Hayward on the ground. Then I went back once more and saw the play and heard Marv Albert exclaim “Gordon Hayward broke his leg”. And as I was processing what he just said the camera cut to that shot and I was like OMG!

The gruesomeness of the injury is burned into my brain. Ankles aren’t supposed to go that way. Anytime an injury like this happens, it has such an effect on me. The Shaun Livingstone injury. The Kevin Ware injury. The Paul George injury. All three guys horrifically injured doing something they’ve done a million times: Jump and land.

Not only was the injury horrible in nature, the impact on the team is huge. This game kicks off the NBA season and was supposed to be a preview of the Eastern Conference finals. Now that once inevitable matchup is in jeopardy. But that doesn’t even concern me now. As soon as that happened, the game was an afterthought. I couldn’t really pay attention. And when I did watch, anyone who jumped I feared the worse. It sounds silly but it’s true.

There is just something about how this injury happend and what it looks like that makes it have such an impact on any one who saw it. Julian Edelman tore his ACL and is done for the year, but an ACL is just seeing a guy’s leg give out and he falls down. Sucks for the player to be done for the year but not gonna give you nightmares about jumping.

This though. This is different. I won’t be able to jump for a little while. I’m gonna think that my ankle will break. I mean, breaking someone’s ankles is a phrase ingrained in the game, but this is just a totally different.

In my mind, if I just pretend Gordon Hayward tore his ACL and is done for the year, it somehow makes it more bearable.

I just hope Gordon recovers fully and quickly and can be the player on the Celtics he wants and we all want him to be.


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