And I Was Jealous of the Kids Who Got Power Wheels…

Now they have Teslas for kids?


And I’m still jealous.

It is pretty cool. I know someone will buy it and mod it so it can go like 20mph. That will be really cool.

BTW, Radio Flyer is still around? I guess you learn something every day.


The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid Season Premiere – No Way Out

Football seasons is over and now that The Walking Dead is back, that means Sunday nights are exclusively TWD nights.

We last left our gang in the middle of a zombie hoard using old zombie guts on sheets trick (which I honestly don’t know why they don’t use it more. It works!), Glen was with that girl (I always forget her name) and they just got to Alexandria, and Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha were headed back in a oil truck. And we go from there.

Obviously spoilers ahead, so read on if you know what happened and care to know what I thought.  Continue reading “The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid Season Premiere – No Way Out”

New Batman v Superman Trailer Drops

And it hits as hard as Batman does in the trailer. Best trailer for the movie yet. It starts off with Alfred helping out Bruce- I mean, Batman-by remote piloting his Batwing into someplace to let Batman hop out to get to work.

What does he do once he arrives at this place you might ask? He just beats down all these thugs in the most badass ways Batman can.

This is the most brutal, hard hitting Batman we have seen. It was very reminiscent of the Batman Arkham videogames. Love the shot of Batman opening the cape as he breaks through the window and also like him choke slamming and or rock bottoming the thug and just straight up tossing another dude into a wall.

Wonder Woman looks pretty good too, just jumping into battle.

The end has one of the best moments. Batman blocking Superman’s punch with Supes in disbelief. Awesome.

I’m totally hyped again for this movie. The last trailer was a little bit of a let down. The first one was better, but this final one is the best yet.

Kevin Roberts Has a Very Important Question…….

Can a Bitch Get a Donut!???

Oh man, that was funny. It was good in the actual sketch, but the rehearsals were hilarious. Seeing Larry David barely contain his laughter as he tried to say his lines “Can a bitch get a donut?” in the highest voice I’ve heard from Larry David.

Watch and enjoy.


Celtics Top Clippers in OT, 139-134.

Wow, awesome game. And I only saw the OT live.

Down 6 in the OT, they came back and played tough basketball, thanks to some big shots by Evan Turner. He hit a nice hesitation jumper in the paint, got a nice And-1, and another jumper in the lane.

A big three by Sullinger kinda started this run. It was a ballsy play because Isaiah Thomas had what looked like an easy 2 but he kicked it out to the open Sullinger for the 3.

Check out the stat line for Thomas.

Really nice win. Nice bounce back after that disappointing loss to the Bucks.

This team is fun to watch. They might surprise some people out there, but Boston knows what this team can do.

BTW, as Pierce walked off the TD Garden court, for possibly the last time, he had a nice smile on his face. That in itself is like a little bonus win. Always love Pierce.

The Field At SuperBowl 50 Was So Bad It Caused Video Game Glitches

What does that title mean? Well, you know in videogames when your character moves even though they aren’t walking or taking any steps? That happened to Michael Oher in the SuperBowl.

People would complain about this in Madden, but now Madden can say it replicates real life.



Celtics Rally Back, Fall Short. Bruins Get Smoked By Kings.

So, Boston had both teams in action tonight.

The Bruins were home at the Garden (where they are actually worse than on the road). Even wearing the road white uniforms (the Kings wore yellow jersey alternates), the Bruins didn’t have any luck. They got blown out 9-2. Rask let in 5 while his replacement Gustavsson let another 4. Jonathan Quick only allowed 2 all night. This was one of the most lopsided losses in recent memory for the B’s.

Once again, a returning former Bruin got the better of their old team. Milan Lucic tallied a goal of his own early in the third.

So, that was the Bruins night. It was over pretty compared to the Celtics, who despite having a double digit lead early, and being down by 19 late, rallied back to get it even at 111-111 with 1 second to play.

The reason they tied it up was a nice play idea slash boneheaded foul by Milwaukee. Down 2 with 1 second left, the Celtics tried the inbound lob to the basket. Kelly Olynyk was pushed and since the Bucks were over the limit, Olynyk got 2 shots and hit them both, tying the game.

With the same 1 second left, Avery Bradley, the hero against the Cavs, fouled Kris Middleton. Realy should have just let him take the shot. Let him beat you on the jumper than at the line.

He hit the first shot and purposely missed the second to use up most of the 1 second left. Jae Crowder got a full court heave off but it was well short.

Dissapointing loss for the Celtics, who were on fire as of late. Another 100+ game for the C’s, as they continue to be the highest scoring team per game in the East, and still 3rd in the East.

Bruins, 6-3-1 now in the last 10, are currently 7th in the East.

Seven Takeaways From SuperBowl 50

1. Denver’s Defense Is for Real

I guess it’s a little weird to wait to the very last game of the season to say that. They were ranked Number 1. They did beat the Patriots. But the idea of Cam Newton and this Panthers offense that went off on Arizona, well, we thought they would give the Denver D a tougher time.

Not what happened.

I thought Newton’s legs would get him away from all those rushing Broncos, but that didn’t work.

Denver got 7 sacks and hit Cam a bunch of times. He missed open passes early. Was it nerves? I don’t know. But Denver’s defense outplayed the offense of Carolina.

They were General Zod with Kryptonite last night.

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There’s Only One Picture You Need to See of Tom Brady to Know What the Outcome Will be on Sunday.

Look at that picture. Look at the eyes of Brady. That doesn’t look like someone you want to piss off. That looks like the face of someone so determined to win so bad.

And don’t forget, he’s looking at his pal Peyton Manning, someone he likes and respects.

Imagine if that was someone he didn’t like?

I wouldn’t want to be that person.

And I don’t want to be the Broncos on Sunday.brady manning

That’s the “You won this round buddy, but just wait till next time….” look.

Warriors Get Bucked

I knew this would happen.

I really though the Celtics would win last night. And they almost did. They took the Warriors to two overtimes and nearly walked away with the W.

But the Bucks had the Warriors on the second half of a back to back, in which the first half was a double OT game.

Here’s my analogy. Indulge me if you will.

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