New “Rogue One” Trailer Drops


It looks frickin’ sweet!


All the old school costumes and ships but made today with superior technology. In the car world, that’s called a resto-mod. Classic looks, modern mechanics.

If you don’t know, this movie takes place right before Episode IV: A New Hope. It is the story of the rebels who stole the Death Star plans that Princess Leia eventually  gives to R2D2 and sets that whole series of events in motion.

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Donnie is Back. Not In China, But at a Ted Cruz Rally. Or Is That Kevin Malone?

Gotta love Donnie. When he’s not supporting the Sharks or teaching kids English or sneaking into the ring at a Pacquiao fight, he’s trolling politicians. BTW, I don’t know how people go to those rallys. I don’t care who the candidate is. I could never do that, unless, you know, you make some fun out of it like Donnie. I don’t have the balls to do that though.

All Donnie wanted to do was find out for sure if Ted Cruz is Kevin Malone from The Office. Simple question. And yet, it still goes unanswered.

And who’s that guy in the suisey at the Trump rally?

I’m guessing we will get his full video soon.


The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid Season Premiere – No Way Out

Football seasons is over and now that The Walking Dead is back, that means Sunday nights are exclusively TWD nights.

We last left our gang in the middle of a zombie hoard using old zombie guts on sheets trick (which I honestly don’t know why they don’t use it more. It works!), Glen was with that girl (I always forget her name) and they just got to Alexandria, and Abraham, Daryl, and Sasha were headed back in a oil truck. And we go from there.

Obviously spoilers ahead, so read on if you know what happened and care to know what I thought.  Continue reading “The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid Season Premiere – No Way Out”

New Batman v Superman Trailer Drops

And it hits as hard as Batman does in the trailer. Best trailer for the movie yet. It starts off with Alfred helping out Bruce- I mean, Batman-by remote piloting his Batwing into someplace to let Batman hop out to get to work.

What does he do once he arrives at this place you might ask? He just beats down all these thugs in the most badass ways Batman can.

This is the most brutal, hard hitting Batman we have seen. It was very reminiscent of the Batman Arkham videogames. Love the shot of Batman opening the cape as he breaks through the window and also like him choke slamming and or rock bottoming the thug and just straight up tossing another dude into a wall.

Wonder Woman looks pretty good too, just jumping into battle.

The end has one of the best moments. Batman blocking Superman’s punch with Supes in disbelief. Awesome.

I’m totally hyped again for this movie. The last trailer was a little bit of a let down. The first one was better, but this final one is the best yet.

Kevin Roberts Has a Very Important Question…….

Can a Bitch Get a Donut!???

Oh man, that was funny. It was good in the actual sketch, but the rehearsals were hilarious. Seeing Larry David barely contain his laughter as he tried to say his lines “Can a bitch get a donut?” in the highest voice I’ve heard from Larry David.

Watch and enjoy.


Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Out and It Looks………….


Check it out.

If it’s anything like Winter Soldier, this is gonna be a great movie. The Russo Brothers are back directing, so I’m pretty confident it will be good. We also get a quick clip of Black Panther, our first official view of him in action.

This movie will probably be the biggest non Avenger’s Marvel film, both in terms of the characters and importance of the overall story going further.

New Japanese STAR WARS Trailer Has New Footage

There’s a new Star Wars trailer, the Japanese version.

We get a good amount of new shots (including maybe my favorite of those TIE fighters in the sun. Reminds me of a Vietnam movie or something).

Anyway, on to the trailer.

I also liked these shots too.

A lot of people wondering if there is a family link between Rey and Kylo Ren (They do share the same letters, right?)

Also, zero Luke Skywalker in this trailer. We only had that brief clip of him, and that is not entirely known if it is him.

We will see what is up on December 18th.