Our Hero Returns….

October 9th.


The Field At SuperBowl 50 Was So Bad It Caused Video Game Glitches

What does that title mean? Well, you know in videogames when your character moves even though they aren’t walking or taking any steps? That happened to Michael Oher in the SuperBowl.

People would complain about this in Madden, but now Madden can say it replicates real life.



Seven Takeaways From SuperBowl 50

1. Denver’s Defense Is for Real

I guess it’s a little weird to wait to the very last game of the season to say that. They were ranked Number 1. They did beat the Patriots. But the idea of Cam Newton and this Panthers offense that went off on Arizona, well, we thought they would give the Denver D a tougher time.

Not what happened.

I thought Newton’s legs would get him away from all those rushing Broncos, but that didn’t work.

Denver got 7 sacks and hit Cam a bunch of times. He missed open passes early. Was it nerves? I don’t know. But Denver’s defense outplayed the offense of Carolina.

They were General Zod with Kryptonite last night.

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There’s Only One Picture You Need to See of Tom Brady to Know What the Outcome Will be on Sunday.

Look at that picture. Look at the eyes of Brady. That doesn’t look like someone you want to piss off. That looks like the face of someone so determined to win so bad.

And don’t forget, he’s looking at his pal Peyton Manning, someone he likes and respects.

Imagine if that was someone he didn’t like?

I wouldn’t want to be that person.

And I don’t want to be the Broncos on Sunday.brady manning

That’s the “You won this round buddy, but just wait till next time….” look.

NFL Unveils Panthers/Cowboys Color Rush Uniforms, Completely Forgets The Whole Point of Color vs Color

So during the game last night, as will be done on all Thursday Night Football games, the NFL unveils the uniforms for the next weeks game.

That game is the Panthers vs Cowboys.

And the Cowboys will be wearing all white.

So much for the whole color on color concept.

The Panthers won’t look too much different from the Titans from last nights game. The Cowboys jersey is based off a throwback they have worn before, but this time with the matching white pants and socks. If the Cowboys wore blue socks, it would look pretty nice. Now they will just look like they are wearing tights.



Check out the New Uniforms for NFL’s Color Rush Thursday Games

If you haven’t heard, later this month and for the rest of the season, the NFL has created some color on color matchups.

This was announced a while back. When I heard this, I was all for it.

Soccer is the one sport where color on color happens often. In all four of the major North American sports, its color vs white or in baseball, white vs grey.

I like color on color. If you have two teams that don’t clash (lets say Browns vs Packers), I think there is no reason it can’t happen all the time. When we I heard the NFL would be doing this for Thursday games, I just assumed both teams would wear their colored jerseys. Simple.

Nope. Not that simple.

Instead, the NFL has gone a little NBA and created entirely new uniforms (repeat, uniforms, not just jerseys) for the games.

But they took it further with this whole color on color. I mean, they really made its color vs color, as in the the teams will wear one solid color, head to toe, err, scratch that, shoulder to toe (the NFL has the one helmet rule so if you have a different color helmet than your jersey, it stays different).

Here’s what the Jets and BIlls will be wearing.

What do you think? Cool? Too much?

I think just going with the colored jerseys would have sufficed.

SUNDAY NIGHT TV RECAP – Nov 1, 2015 (Sunday Night Football, The Walking Dead, WS Game 5)

nov1 tv


Sunday Night. November 1st. It was a busy night for television. Let’s take a quick recap of everything.

First, it was Sunday Night Football. A matchup of the unbeatens. But not just two unbeaten teams, two undefeated teams with MVP quarterbacks. Rodgers vs Manning. The Packers offense vs the Broncos defense. Gonna be a good game.

Well, not so much.

The Broncos lead 7-0 after one, and held the Packers scoreless in the first quarter for the first time this season. The got their second TD less than a minute into the second, and eventually led 17-0 half way through the quarter.

But while this game was going on, there was another TV appointment I had. Nine o’clock, AMC. The Walking Dead. It’s gonna be a 90 minute episode.

And it was, and it was all about Morgan. We knew this from the preview last week. It wasn’t everyone’s type of episode. And I don’t think it neeeded to be 90 minutes, considering it was purely story driven and didn’t have any intense action sequences like the previous  two episodes.

On the commercials, I would got back to SNF, to see how bad the Packers were playing.

Still bad.

Back to TWD.

Now I didn’t hate this episode, but it obviously was a different style of episode. I guess it was nice to see where Morgan became a bostaff expert, and I did like the Eastman character, but I think a 60 minute episode would have sufficed.

Now with the show over, its back to SNF.

Oh, look, Aaron Rodgers fumbled and the Broncos got a safety.

Packers are still bad.

I was expecting more from Aaron. A lot more than 77 yards. (I guess when you have Drew Brees throwing over 500 yards, it has to even out somewhere else).

I wanted to see how this Broncos D could handle Rodgers. If they could, I would take them more seriously as a whole team. The Sunday Night matchup against the Patriots at the end of the month could feature another matchup of unbeaten teams.

But since this game was getting boring, it was time to turn on Game 5 of the World Series.

Mets are winning. like the have been most of the games. 2-0. Harvey wants to come out for the 9th, and he does.

Walk to Cain. Stolen base by Cain. Double by Hosmer. 2-1 Mets. Harvey’s done, in comes Familia.

Moustakas moves Hosmer to third. 1 out.

And now for the big play.

A grounder to third, Wright looks the runner back, fires to first for the out but Hosmer took off towards home. Duda’s throw was a dud, towards first base side and wild. Tie Game.

Blown save 3 in the WS by Familia. A new record.

Now after a few more extra innings, pinch hitter Colon takes his first AB of the World Series, with the winning run 90 feet away. He gets the single, and in the process, opens up the flood gates. When the inning was over, the Royals scored 5 more to lead 7-2 and all but seal up the victory.

Congrats KC. Nice comeback after being so close last year.

Beat the Mets, Beat the Mets, step right up and defeat the Mets!


Browns New Uniforms Unveiled

Here they are.



They aren’t too bad. I like them.

Biggest change is the inclusion of a large CLEVELAND across the chest numbers and BROWNS down the side of the pants.

9 combinations in all.


Nike kept them pretty traditional with the sleeve stripes but added some new elements with the wordmarks and number outlines.