Are the Blackhawks A Dynasty?

Bettman called the Blackhawks a dynasty when he gave the Cup over to the Toews last night. But it got me thinking, is it a dynasty?

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Bruin’s Seth Griffith Five Holes Himself on Awesome Goal

This has to be a top play on Sportscenter tomorrow. But then again, it is hockey, so the chance is rare. The number one play will probably be LeBron picking his nose.

Funniest Moment of the ESPYs – Drake Vs Blake (or Blake vs Drake)

Man, this was some pretty good stuff. I had faith in Drake since he was pretty good on SNL and, like Timberlake, another successful ESPY host, has both the acting and musical talents to be a good host.

Blake Griffin also has a great ablitiy to be funny. All those commercials he’s in are most of the time pretty funny, and it’s him that makes it funny.

This skit with both of them was overall funny and hilarious in parts.

Best part hands down was Drake as Blake talking to Bill Simmons about Blake Griffin’s complexion.

“I kinda look like a black guy that┬ájumped into a pit of Cheetos and just laid there for like 10 days and then popped up”

Line of the night, by far.

Also, Blake as Drake rapping was a total SNL Blizzard Man situation.

Overall, the ESPYs were pretty good. Stuart Scott had a great speech while accepting the Jimmy V Award.

The ESPYs Are Tonight, So Let’s Look Back At One of my Favorite ESPY Moments

Justin Timberlake is a good host. Period. SNL, ESPYs, Bingo Night at the Senior Center, he’s do it and do it well.

Back in 2008, he had a great skit/performance with “I Love Sports”.

How old is this video? Well, it’s only in 240p and Greg Oden was only 72 years old then (just about as old as the joke that he is old).

As a Celtics fan, the Celtics part was great, and KG was loving it too.

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Mike Modano’s Stretcher Fail, WWF Style

I always watch the Around the Horn youtube videos they post of all the guys talking before the show and during the commercial breaks.

This one from yesterday was about Neymar’s injury and how he was taken off the field. The best part, however, is when Kevin Blackistone brings up the time when Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars was taken off the ice on a stretcher and the guys bring him off the ice promptly dumped him off the side.

It looks like something out of an old WWF video and even Reali commented on this fact.

Of course, it had to be combined with the classic JR commentary from the Mankind/Undertaker Hell in a Cell.

And here is the unedited, regular version.


Bergeron, Rask Clean Up at NHL Awards

The NHL Awards were in Las Vegas last night and the Bruins did pretty well for themselves. The Awards were hosted by Cuba Gooding Jr., a no brainer pick for a hockey awards ceremony.

The B’s were 3/4 on awards, with Bergeron taking home the Selke and NHL Player Foundation Award for all his good charitable work in the community. Rask got the Vezina, which was no surprise. Chara was the only Bruin nominated not getting an award.

Bergeron also won the NHL15 vote for the cover over PK Subban, so that was nice to get one win over the Canadiens.

The last time the B’s were this successful at the awards was back in 09, when Claude took home Coach of the Year, Thomas the Vezina, and Chara the Norris.

It is a nice consolidation prize, but I know all those guys would trade those individual awards for the big shiny one currently held by the Kings.


Los Angeles Mayor Drops F Bomb While Honoring Kings

Remember the last time the Kings won the cup, everyone (ok, basically just Quick) was swearing during the ceremony at the Staples Center? Well this time the mayor of LA got in on the action. This is like the new thing to do. He knew he’d get that reaction. It’s like Billy Madison dropping a “Nib High Football Rules!”. Just do it to get a cheer.

Here’s Quick from 2012


Bruins Won’t Re-sign Thorton

Thorty’s days in Boston are over. It may have been suspected by some, but it’s official now.

So why does it matter that aging fourth liner/enforcer is going? Well, cause it’s Thorty. He’s one of the most beloved Bruins since he’s been here. He lives in Charlestown and has become a part of the city and that neighborhood. He’s also a leader on the ice, and probably more importantly, in the locker room. He’s won 2 Stanley Cups to boot.

There are probably a bunch of non Bruins fans that don’t understand this. That’s ok.

It’s been a good ride Thorty.



Rangers Advance to Stanley Cup Finals Behind King Henrik’s Netminding

Save of the Playoffs for sure right here. This is equal to Tim Thomas’ diving stick save in the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals.

Nice to see the Blue Shirts take out the Canadiens. This is the rare time when Boston roots for New York.

I did pick the Rangers to take on the Blackhawks (after the last round obviously) so we’ll see how the West finishes up. Honestly though, I’m good either way with Chicago or LA. I’m just glad Montreal is out. It’s not me being a bitter Bruins fan either, it just don’t want to have to watch them diving all over the place.

The only good thing they had going for them was their goal song