Examining the Case of Will Smith V Bitch

You may not be aware, but there is a well documented account of rapper and actor Will Smith being involved in a car accident with an old lady. You can watch the video below to listen to Will’s account of the incident.

This is a very interesting case. Based on the evidence presented, it seems like Mr. Smith is not at fault, but everything seemed to be going against him.

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Donnie is Back. Not In China, But at a Ted Cruz Rally. Or Is That Kevin Malone?

Gotta love Donnie. When he’s not supporting the Sharks or teaching kids English or sneaking into the ring at a Pacquiao fight, he’s trolling politicians. BTW, I don’t know how people go to those rallys. I don’t care who the candidate is. I could never do that, unless, you know, you make some fun out of it like Donnie. I don’t have the balls to do that though.

All Donnie wanted to do was find out for sure if Ted Cruz is Kevin Malone from The Office. Simple question. And yet, it still goes unanswered.

And who’s that guy in the suisey at the Trump rally?

I’m guessing we will get his full video soon.


Kevin Roberts Has a Very Important Question…….

Can a Bitch Get a Donut!???

Oh man, that was funny. It was good in the actual sketch, but the rehearsals were hilarious. Seeing Larry David barely contain his laughter as he tried to say his lines “Can a bitch get a donut?” in the highest voice I’ve heard from Larry David.

Watch and enjoy.


Baby Girl Can’t Even Walk, But She Can Climb Rock Walls Like A Pro

NBC TODAY – At 8 months old, babies are typically starting to crawl or play with blocks — but little Ellie Farmer was already a successful rock climber before she could even walk.

Her parents, Rachael Farmer, 28 and Zak Farmer, 31, built a rock wall in Ellie’s room when she was 2 months old. Six months later, when she was starting to pull herself up on things, she would use the wall to balance, and eventually with her parents’ assistance, learned to climb the wall.

“It’s physically impossible to get her away from the gym! She loves to just get on the wall and climb,” Rachael told TODAY.com, describing Ellie as a very energetic and adventurous baby who regularly smiles and laughs a lot.


Something else, huh?

Horizontal forward movement on 2 legs? No.

Vertical movement with 4 limbs? Don’t mind if I do.

This kid can do this but I couldn’t even do the cargo net when I was 8. (Ok, I did finally grow balls and get to the top. Thankfully I had a 1″ mat underneath me incase I did fall (what felt like 10 stories) what was probably 20 feet.

Do I Have a Post on the Blue/Black White/Gold Dress. I Do Now! #COLORGATE

This thing has been BLOWING UP the internet. It’s everywhere, like EVERYWHERE. I’m like, “Are you kidding me? People are going nuts over the color of a dress?”. But the more I dig, the deeper I get sucked into this thing.

Instantly I saw black and blue. The black is sort of washed out with a brown tinge but I’m saying that’s from the lighting. And the blue is a very light, North Carolina blue color.

I also have brown eyes. What does that mean related to this? Something, nothing?

But then I see the majority of people see white and gold. WTF? Who’s wrong? My eyesight is pretty good. I see black and blue. I don’t get how you could see white and gold. My brain and eyes don’t see it.

For those of you that will read this, vote in the poll here.

This thing is like Deflategate. I’m calling it ColorGate. (I hate using -gate at the end of these things cause it makes no sense. Watergate was a hotel name, not a scandal or controversy about Water as Scot van Pelt said).


The reason it is like Defelategate is we have people coming out of the woodwork with their scientific reasoning behind everything when it’s about a frickin’ dress color.


We do. We all do (secretly).