These Celtics Are Fun To Watch

Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics

We’re in the lull before March Madness and Opening Day. The NFL off season is in full swing, and the playoff pictures in both the NHL and NBA are starting to get clearer.

Last year at this time, the Bruins were heading into the playoffs with the best record in the league, looking to get back to the Stanley Cup Finals after a heart breaking loss to the Blackhawks in game 6.

This year, however, has been a different story. They are fighting to hang on to the 8 spot, and though they have been playing better as of late, they haven’t had the season many of us wanted, or expected.

That brings us to the Celtics. The Celtics lost a good amount of games last year, but it only got them the fifth selection. They seemed to be headed to a similar place again this year, especially after trading away their two biggest stars, Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green.

But believe it or not, the Celtics aren’t looking towards the lottery this year, they are trying to get into the playoff race, and are within a game or so of doing it.

That’s part of why this team is so fun to watch. The expectations are low, so when they win, it’s a pleasent surprise. Sure, they blew a 26 point lead against the best team in the league (the Warriors) but hey, the Warriors are the best team for a reason.

Starting this year, we knew coach Brad Stevens was going to have to handle a lot of players in another rebuilding year. He’s had a carousel of a bench with new faces seemingly appearing out of thin air. The Celts have an Italian on the team? And his name is Luigi? Really?

Yes really. And he’s pretty good too. He can knock down threes and knows when to take his shot. So does fellow European, Swedish shooter Jonas Jerebko. Another guy who was wasting away on the bench of a bad team has been rejuvenated on this Celtics team. He also can hit the three, and with Olynyk getting back after injury, the Celtics three game has been pretty good.

There’s also Jae Crowder who came over in the Rondo deal and has been on of the more consistent guys on the team (Did I mention he can hit three’s? I see a theme developing)

All of this winning though, has a large part to do with one of Danny Ainge’s best acquisitions of recent memory. Isiah Thomas.

Whoops, wrong guy. I meant Isaiah Thomas. The one who is currently playing in the league, not the former Piston great. This Thomas has an extra A and that A might as well be the grade he gets so far in his Celtics career.

Thomas can score. He can shoot. And he can come up big in the fourth quarter, a time and place where the Celtics and wither away (and still do at times).

He’s done what Rondo couldn’t do. And don’t get me wrong, I loved Rondo, but Rondo is an assist first PG. That worked well when he had Paul Pierce, KG, and Ray Allen to dish the ball to. But when he was one of the guys counted on to score, his game suffered, of course, unless it was a Sunday afternoon game on ABC, where he always seemed to thrive.

Jeff Green was another guy who showed glimpses of being the next “Guy” after Pierce, but couldn’t live up to the expectations set for him, whether that was fair or not. He led the team in scoring at the time of his trade, but never became the Go-To guy many fans believed he could be.

As it gets closer to the end, I’m glad I can watch the Celtics with great interest instead of wondering if they’ll be lucky in the lottery. Plus, Danny has a stockpile of draft picks, so I’m not worried there either. I have a feeling in the next year or two, the Celtics won’t be on the outskirts looking to get into the playoffs, but a tough to play force in the East.


Celtics Unveil New “Parquet Pride” Alternate Uniforms

What is that on his arms? Wait….

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Trying to Make Sense of the Whole Kevin Love Situation + NBA Draft Excitment

Less than a week ago I was reading tweets like this and getting excited.

That excitement didn’t last that long, as soon enough I was reading stuff like this.

and that the Warriors were the new front runners for Love.

There was also talk of the C’s dealing Rondo if they don’t get Love.

Fast forward to the last few days, and there are stories about how the Warriors are not going to part with Thompson and that the deal is dead.

Now I don’t know what to expect. Can the Celtics get Kevin Love? Where does Carmelo go? How does Embiid’s broken foot effect the draft and would the Celtics take him if he’s available at number 6? Could they take him at 6 and someone else at 17 and trade those two players for someone, like how they did with Jeff Green in 2007? What is LeBron going to do?

A lot of stuff going on in the NBA right now. It should be a pretty interesting draft and exciting free agency period.




Love Meets Rondo, Ortiz Offers Advice

Big Papi, just recruiting K Love to Beantown, or as he rightfully called it, the City of Champions

rondo loveI need the convo from this to be “See you later this year at practice” or “Welcome to the Celtics” or “You’ll look good in green”.


Kevin Love is in Boston! What does this mean?!

Can it be that he’s in some sort of talks with the Celtics? One can only imagine.

It would definitely take a monster trade to get him and the C’s would surely have to part with Sullinger (who would be the centerpiece like Al Jefferson was) and probably a few expiring contracts and draft picks and bench players.


Will History Repeat? Another Kevin From Minnesota going to Boston?

kg kevin love


Seven years ago the Celtics made a blockbuster trade to get Kevin Garnett from the Timbmerwolves, and eventually, get banner 17.

Now, the Celtics have another chance to get the Timberwolves’ biggest start, another Kevin.

Kevin Love.

I would love for this to happen, pun very much intented.

Love and Rondo would seem to be a great combination. If Jeff Green can be a little more consistent, that would be a solid 3 right there.

One big difference between the C’s getting Garnett in ’07 and the possibility of them getting Love this year is the “Ray Allen player”. The Celtics got Ray Allen at the draft and that was the piece that would eventually lead to them getting Garnett. Right now, the only big attraction for Love to play in Boston is Rondo. And maybe the prestige of playing for the most storied and winningest team in the NBA.

The only thing us Celtics fans can do is wait and see. This would be just the boost needed after coming off of the disappointing Bruin’s playoff run.

Best case, the C’s get Love. Worst case, they get a good draft pick. It won’t be bad either way, but I’d love to see Love in green.

The Return: T-minus 2 Days

pierce kg

We all know the Celtics don’t have much going for them this year aside from getting a good pick. BUT, there is something to be excited about this Sunday. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are coming back to Boston for the first time since being traded this summer.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see the beginning of this game. If I’m Jason Kidd, I have KG and Pierce start on the bench and then let them get introduced in the game. We all know it’s going to be a HUGE ovation, reminiscent of Nomar coming back to Fenway. Can’t wait.

In honor of this occasion, I present F&F’s latest videos: Tributes to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Celtics have Asik on Their Radar?



ESPN BOSTON – The Houston Rockets have made it clear they intend to trade disgruntled big man Omer Asik 
this month.’s Marc Stein reported Sunday that the Boston Celtics had the potential assets to attract Houston’s interest:

The advice offered to us on Sunday was stern: Keep an eye on Boston. The Celtics possess two players in different salary ranges that would presumably fit in useful ways next to Dwight Howard: Jeff Green and Brandon Bass. The Celts also have a spare first-round draft pick or two to plug into any trade equation to sweeten the deal for Houston, amid rising suspicions around the league that Morey’s Rockets are going to find a way to come out of the Asik saga with at least one future first. The same Rockets who happen to have a GM (Morey) and coach (Kevin McHale) who have long-standing relationships with Celts president Danny Ainge.

Can’t say I’m a fan of this idea at all, specifically since Green and Bass are the names being thrown around. The Celtics NEED to keep Green. He is one of the few high flying guys who are a threat at the rim and from the corner.

Bass is also a guy I’ve always liked. Solid rebounder, money with his elbow jumper. I wouldn’t want him to go, but of the two, I would rather him since Sullinger has been one of the top C’s on the court this season and he and Bass are similar in size.

Another reason I don’t want to see this happen is the fact that the Celtics are in first place but are also in a position where they can still get a lottery pick. I’m sure that situation doesn’t happen too much. To me, the Celts should stay put with trades, see how Rondo is when he comes back, and if they are in the lottery (by their own pick or a Nets/Hawks) see who they can get from that.

KG = The Man

KG has been and always will be my favorite player. I miss him on the Celts bigtime. The pointing to the refs before the tipoff, the talking to the hoop support frame, fiestyyy. I got the chance to see him earlier this year versus the Wizards and loved every minute of it…despite him going 0-7 in the first half.

In KG I trust.

Big 3

Celtics blowout Cavs, 103-86. GINO TIME!

Gino time is the best time at a Celtics game. If you’re lucky enough to witness a Celtics blowout, you get treated to Gino.

The saddest thing about Gino now is that there is no KG. KG LOVED Gino. Every time he smiled and laughed. Like a kid on Christmas morning, it never got old for Garnett.