Holy New Trailer, Batman! That’s Spiderman!

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Yep! We finally get our first look at Spidey in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer. Pretty cool to see. The suit looks pretty good. Its different but not too different.

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Out and It Looks………….


Check it out.

If it’s anything like Winter Soldier, this is gonna be a great movie. The Russo Brothers are back directing, so I’m pretty confident it will be good. We also get a quick clip of Black Panther, our first official view of him in action.

This movie will┬áprobably be the biggest non Avenger’s Marvel film, both in terms of the characters and importance of the overall story going further.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Trailer 2

This just debuted today.

The first trailer got me excited to see this movie. This trailer did the same.

To quote Conan:

I also like that Cap goes back to the old Stars and Stripes uni for (what looks to be) the final battle vs The Winter Solider. Just like Batman vs Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, I always like seeing when the hero meets his match in terms of strength and physicality. Cap’s the only guy who can throw and catch that shield, right? No, Winter Soldier in your face with the shield catching action.