Hot New Track – Car Alarm (feat. Dying Battery)


Tell me this isn’t funny.

Tell me this isn’t catchy.

If you did, I will ignore you as it is both catchy and funny.


And I Was Jealous of the Kids Who Got Power Wheels…

Now they have Teslas for kids?


And I’m still jealous.

It is pretty cool. I know someone will buy it and mod it so it can go like 20mph. That will be really cool.

BTW, Radio Flyer is still around? I guess you learn something every day.

Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart share a Lyft Car

If you don’t know what Lyft is (like I didn’t before watching this video) it’s an app that lets you find people to give you rides.

For one lucky guy, he got to give Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart a ride around Hollywood. Hilarity ensues.

I have no idea how these 3 got together but they should do a movie or something.