Donnie is Back. Not In China, But at a Ted Cruz Rally. Or Is That Kevin Malone?

Gotta love Donnie. When he’s not supporting the Sharks or teaching kids English or sneaking into the ring at a Pacquiao fight, he’s trolling politicians. BTW, I don’t know how people go to those rallys. I don’t care who the candidate is. I could never do that, unless, you know, you make some fun out of it like Donnie. I don’t have the balls to do that though.

All Donnie wanted to do was find out for sure if Ted Cruz is Kevin Malone from The Office. Simple question. And yet, it still goes unanswered.

And who’s that guy in the suisey at the Trump rally?

I’m guessing we will get his full video soon.



Donnie Does Thailand Part 2

Things I learned from this episode.

-Do not, I repeat, DO NOT change Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us when Donnie is listening, especially if you change it to Jack Johnson.

-Cigarette’s + broad leaves can allow you to live for 5 days to 2 weeks without real food (maybe).

-Donnie could possibly be a pirate.

-This episode was Resplended (Copyright Donnie 2014).

Also, Resplendent is actually a real word. So depending on if Donnie said a “T” at the end, he was wrong and it is a real word.

Don vs Nature

First he takes on that smug prick Anthony Bourdain, and now he wants a piece of Bear Grylls? This week Donnie trys his hand at a survival nature show. He shows off his fishing skills in the ocean, armed with a steak knife and a loaf of bread (ok, it’s a little bigger than a steak knife).

This method is new to me but you can’t deny the results.

Great soundtrack too.


Donnie Does Thailand – Full Moon Party

Isn’t this Donnie Does China? Well not for this episode. He takes a camera and a producer to Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand to see if they can make a better travel show than that smug prick Anthony Bourdain (his words not mine). It also just happen to be a big coincidence that it was ¬†at the same time as the Full Moon Party *wink wink*. Nevertheless, Donnie shows us what its like partying with a bunch of people from around the world in Thailand.

So, to answer the question of is his a better show than Anthony Bourdain’s? Well, I don’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s show so I couldn’t really tell you. But I’ll say, yeah. Plus this was only part 1. Part 2 is coming this Wednesday, January 8th.

BTW, his producer guy looks kinda like that Scott dude from the Kardashians. Just a little. Like a slightly chubbier version.


Goose in my Basket is a Straight Up Fire Jam

This is the latest video from Donnie and the second (I think) music video he has done.

Good to see he’s getting some use from the suisey. I also wonder if he was getting the poof from the street barber.

Anyway, check it out. Funny as always and catchy as hell.