Celtics Coach Brad Stevens Dunks In Practice

….with the help of a trampoline. But regardless, when do you see a NBA head coach throw down? Like never, right? And ok, it’s not actually like a team practice, but whatever. He dunked. That’s all you need to know.


BTW, just so you know, in case you didn’t, Celtics have the best record in the East since January 23rd.


Richard Jefferson’s Awesome Dunk That Didn’t Count But Should Have

Richard Jefferson’s still in the league? How many people asked that question.

Well he is. And he just got UP. Like UP. That’s impressive for anyone, let alone an old guy.

Yes, it was a terrible call. But it doesn’t make the dunk any less awesome.


Could This Be Jeff Green’s Year?

Ever since the Perkins trade, which puzzled many at the time, one of the biggest questions has been “When will Jeff Green be the player we know he can be?” He’s always shown flashes of brilliance, like when he dropped 43 on LeBron and he Heat last year in tough 105-103 loss. It showed he can rise to the occasion in big games. But then, he could disappear at times. After that 43 point performance, he tallied only 35 points combined over the next 3 games.

This year though, he’s been off to a great start, averaging 20 points a game, nearly 6 points more than his career average. He’s been playing consistant on a nightly basis, and he’s one of the reasons the Celtic’s are always competitive in their games.

Now, he’s always been able to throw down, and last night he had two great dunks. He’s probably the best dunker the Celtics have had in recent memory. Yeah, Gerald Green (no relation) won the dunk contest but he wasn’t the player that Jeff is. Jeff has a well rounded game.

One of my favorite of his dunks

So hopefully this year, Jeff can keep up the work and help this team finish off some of these games.

LeBron Was Suppose to Have a Big Game Against the Wiz Last Night. Guess He Forgot.

BulletsForever – With two days off this weekend and a refreshing visit to the White House on Tuesday, James promises we’ll see a different James against the 17-19 Washington Wizards.“We’ll see Wednesday how I’m coasting,” James said jokingly as he made his way into the Heat locker room on Monday. “You’ll see the numbers I’ll put up on Wednesday. Just watch.”

Well guess what LeBron? We did watch. You lost.  At one point it was a 30 point lead for the Wiz.

And those numbers? Bosh had more points (26 to 25). I’ll give it to you that you led the team in rebounds (8) but you also had a +/- of 15. The Heat just lost 3 in a row to the Knicks, Nets, and Wizards. Philly, you’re up next.