Hot New Track – Car Alarm (feat. Dying Battery)


Tell me this isn’t funny.

Tell me this isn’t catchy.

If you did, I will ignore you as it is both catchy and funny.


Gronk and Beast Mode on Conan is A+ TV and If You Haven’t Seen It, Stop Reading This Headline and Click the Link, Dammit!

That’s all there is to say. Their reactions to the fatalities was great, as was their reaction to a certain punch to a certain area.

So after Marshawn goes a week of saying the same thing, here he is on TV acting like a cool dude. Who knew he was all about Toad on Mario Kart. Beast Toad, am I right? That’s that new jack city, boy.

BTW, Kinda crazy to think 20 years ago Mortal Kombat was causing controversy over some red blood in the game. Now we have full on head slicing and gut busting, body splicing fatalities and its NBD. Times change man.

Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Peyton Manning or Bartolo Colon

Exhibit A: Peyton Manning

Exhibit B: Bartolo Colon.

It looks like some sort of hybrid YMCA – Head Shoulders Knees and Toes mash up.

You decide.

PS. Peyton’s moves look similar to his old SNL Skit. Must have been where he learned them

Rahat Picking His Nose in Traffic is Comedy Gold

Face it. We all do it.

In the car.

At home.

Whenever, where ever.

Shakira probably does it too.

Picking your nose is just a bodily function that we need to do. I guess some people might be too fancy to use just their bare finger and use a tissue instead, but it’s still nose picking right?

Anyway, on to the video. This is great. People just in awe of how far Rahat’s finger is up his nose. I gotta say, the wiping it on the door was an A+ move, as was the flicking it out the window. Now, this isn’t really a prank since he basically just made a fool of himself for laughs, but sometimes that’s the best way to get laughs.

With all this talk of nose picking in the car, you had to have known this clip was going to be posted here. Maybe one of the best monologue’s of TV history

“Are we not human? If we pick, do we not bleed? I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!”

Also, just for giggles, let’s watch Tony Reali pick his nose and do his spot on Seinfeld.

FX is Putting All 522 “The Simpsons” Episodes Online

( – Every single episode of “The Simpsons” is going online, fully searchable.

FXX is launching “Simpsons World,” a new way of getting on demand “Simpsons” content, in October. For the first time, viewers can access every episode of the series via their computer or other networked devices. “Authenticated” FX viewers will have instant access on iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android phones and tablets, Smart TVs, and additional set-tops devices.

Viewers will also be able to search for specific quotes, curate their own own personalized playlists, and share their favorite show clips and quotes. (Hulu currently carries a library of classic “Simpsons” clips, though only the series’ eight most recent episodes are available for viewing on that streaming service.)

Some people might see this and think “Ok, that’s cool but why should I be excited?”

You wanna know why? Because of this line right here in the article: “Viewers will also be able to search for specific quotes”

Do you know what this means? I can search for those random funny quotes I have no idea what episode they’re in and then watch it. Nothing is worse than a funny quote that pops into your head but you have no idea what episode it’s in and it eats away at you until you finally give in after some failed googling and realize that you will never find out and will have to live the rest of your life without knowing.

That is until now. Great day for everyone.

Funniest Moment of the ESPYs – Drake Vs Blake (or Blake vs Drake)

Man, this was some pretty good stuff. I had faith in Drake since he was pretty good on SNL and, like Timberlake, another successful ESPY host, has both the acting and musical talents to be a good host.

Blake Griffin also has a great ablitiy to be funny. All those commercials he’s in are most of the time pretty funny, and it’s him that makes it funny.

This skit with both of them was overall funny and hilarious in parts.

Best part hands down was Drake as Blake talking to Bill Simmons about Blake Griffin’s complexion.

“I kinda look like a black guy that jumped into a pit of Cheetos and just laid there for like 10 days and then popped up”

Line of the night, by far.

Also, Blake as Drake rapping was a total SNL Blizzard Man situation.

Overall, the ESPYs were pretty good. Stuart Scott had a great speech while accepting the Jimmy V Award.

The Jordan #RE2PECT Derek Jeter Ad Brings Up Great Question – What Exactly Qualifies As a Hat Tip? (Thanks Around the Horn)

Izzy brings up a great question here. Is the hat tip require the hat coming off of the head or is just a tug on the brim good enough? Some people do the “I kinda lift it off of my head but not all the way” thing.

I decided to take a look and see what exactly people do to tip there cap. There where 3 main types. Here’s the abbreviations for all of these.

  • Fully off of the head = OFF
  • Tug on the brim = TUG
  • Lifting of the hat = LIFT

Here’s the breakdown from the commercial of the people involved (minus crowd shots where there were too many people):

  1. Lester – Lift
  2. Third Base coach – Tug
  3. Hot Dog Vendor – Off
  4. Spike Lee – Tug
  5. Rudy Guliani – Lift
  6. Jeter’s Dad – Lift
  7. Silhouette Guy – Fully off of the head (this is a real tip of the cap)
  8. 3 NYPD – Off
  9. 2 FDNY – Lift
  10. Dudes in the car – Tug/lift
  11. Carmelo – Off
  12. Billy Crystal – Tug
  13. 2 Sox Fans – Lift
  14. Tiger Woods – Tug
  15. Eric Koston – Lift (although he’s like 95% off, borderline fully off)
  16. Guy with feet up – Off
  17. 2 Line Cooks – Lift
  18. Hoodie Girl – tug (even though it’s a hoodie so does this count?)
  19. Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss – Lift
  20. 3 (Fake) Mets + (Real) Mr. Met – 3 Off/Lift
  21. Jay Z – The laziest lift ever. I mean he barely touches the brim
  22. Old Bell Hop – Tug
  23. Mariano, Pettitte, Torre, Tino Martinez, and Posado – Tug
  24. Little Kid – Lift
  25. Michael Jordan – Lift

Here’s the final count

  • Hats off – 10
  • Tugs on brim – 12
  • Hats lifted – 16

So there you have it. The most common type of hat tip is the lifting of the cap. The least common is actually taking the hat off of your head completely. Probably because it takes too much effort I guess, right? We’re all lazy.


The ESPYs Are Tonight, So Let’s Look Back At One of my Favorite ESPY Moments

Justin Timberlake is a good host. Period. SNL, ESPYs, Bingo Night at the Senior Center, he’s do it and do it well.

Back in 2008, he had a great skit/performance with “I Love Sports”.

How old is this video? Well, it’s only in 240p and Greg Oden was only 72 years old then (just about as old as the joke that he is old).

As a Celtics fan, the Celtics part was great, and KG was loving it too.

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Two Ladies Get Caught Stealing Guy’s Stuff At the Beach and They Have the Audacity to be Mad that He’s Filming Them

Great video. It already has over 4 million views and was only upload Saturday the 5th. Gotta love the effort by those ladies. Go from playing dumb to caught and angry in like 5 seconds. Love the giggle by the guy after the one lady tries to talk tough to him.

The only bad thing about this video is that it is only a minute. Would love to see more. Imagine this lady was your neighbor and you find her on youtube trying to steal some guys stuff? Embarrassing.