The Gordon Hayward Injury

Wow. Unbelieveable. I’m still having a hard time processing the whole thing. I didn’t see it like. I was actually watching the Yankees game when Aaron Judge was at bat. I came back into my room and saw everyone at the game standing around and heard Reggie Miller comment on the murmuring in the building. I was like “What is going on?”.

So I did the 15 second rewind that Xfinity has, and kept going back and back and then I saw Hayward on the ground. Then I went back once more and saw the play and heard Marv Albert exclaim “Gordon Hayward broke his leg”. And as I was processing what he just said the camera cut to that shot and I was like OMG!

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Jimmy Garoppolo And the Curious Knee Brace


Late in Sundays blowout win over Chicago, Jimmy G got some snaps, most notably getting sacked by Lamarr Houston who then preceeded to celebrate sacking the backup by blowing out his knee.

Speaking of knees, I noticed Garoppolo wearing a knee brace on his left knee, much like Brady. Brady obviously had his knee injury back in 2008 that led to him donning the brace since his return. Garoppolo wasn’t wearing one in pre-season. On a closer look, he WAS wearing once against Kansas City. So something happened between pre season and the regular season that led to this.

I wonder if the knee brace is a precautionary measure, hoping to prevent any serious injuries before they happen.

Pre Season, no knee brace


Kansas City with Knee Brace


And Sunday vs the Bears


It looks like it’s just a new piece of equipment for him.



Bradford Out For Season, Mallett Sitting Out Final Preseason Game. Mallett to St. Louis?

It was just said today that Jimmy Garopollo will start the final preseason game for the Patriots, and he may play the entire game. A few days ago, the Rams learned they would be without Sam Bradford who suffered an ACL injury in the third preseason game.

Myself, and many others, have now begun to think that St. Louis could be a landing spot for the Patriots back up quarterback. This makes sense. It looks like Jimmy G has surpassed Mallett as the Patriots No. 2 behind Brady, and Mallett might be the best available option for the Rams.

It looks like if they do trade Mallett, it won’t happen until after the final preseason game.

It’s Official: Torn ACL and MCL for Gronk


Tom Brady. Wes Welker. Rob Gronkowski.

Those are the best offensive Patriots players over the last few seasons. And they’ve all torn their ACL. Gronk also tore his MCL just to be different.