Check out the New Uniforms for NFL’s Color Rush Thursday Games

If you haven’t heard, later this month and for the rest of the season, the NFL has created some color on color matchups.

This was announced a while back. When I heard this, I was all for it.

Soccer is the one sport where color on color happens often. In all four of the major North American sports, its color vs white or in baseball, white vs grey.

I like color on color. If you have two teams that don’t clash (lets say Browns vs Packers), I think there is no reason it can’t happen all the time. When we I heard the NFL would be doing this for Thursday games, I just assumed both teams would wear their colored jerseys. Simple.

Nope. Not that simple.

Instead, the NFL has gone a little NBA and created entirely new uniforms (repeat, uniforms, not just jerseys) for the games.

But they took it further with this whole color on color. I mean, they really made its color vs color, as in the the teams will wear one solid color, head to toe, err, scratch that, shoulder to toe (the NFL has the one helmet rule so if you have a different color helmet than your jersey, it stays different).

Here’s what the Jets and BIlls will be wearing.

What do you think? Cool? Too much?

I think just going with the colored jerseys would have sufficed.


Celtics Unveil New “Parquet Pride” Alternate Uniforms

What is that on his arms? Wait….

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NFL Uniform Concepts – Make Up Days – Lions, Giants, and Bears

I skipped a few days so I’m here with 3 concepts to make up some time.


First up, the Detroit Lions.

The jersey is pretty simple, it just has 2 huge shoulder logos (similar to the late 90’s Patriots). The logo is just the head of the lion from the helmet logo. I limited the black except for outlining the lion heads and number to make them easier to see.

The facemask also went back to blue.

lionshome lionsaway

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NFL Uniform Concepts Day 14 – San Francisco 49ers

Another team with a classic look today. Here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve changed to the 49ers uniforms

-Removed black outline on helmet logo, gave logo a white outline

-Removed sleeve stripes (that were always cut off thanks to the jersey pattern) and moved gold and white stripes to the shoulders

-Moved numbers to the sleeves

-Added gold and white stripes on the socks

49ers home 49ers away


The main reason for moving the stripes to the shoulders was the sleeve stripes have basically become nonexistent on the current uniforms thanks to the jersey cut and the way players prefer them.

Here they are in Montana’s days

and today, 1 full stripe and and inch of the second one. Not even enough room for the third stripe.

NFL Uniform Concepts Day 13 – Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are today’s uniform concept. They have a classic look with some nice block letters, shoulder stripes, 1 pair of pants and 2 jerseys. It’s been essentially the same for a long time.

I kept the look pretty tame but did make a lot of minor tweaks.

First, the helmet went from white to blue, with white facemask. I tried to replicated a metallic matte finish on the helmet.

The shoulder stripes are gone in favor of the Colt’s horseshoe logo with the number in the middle. The font of the numbers is also changed to be the same as the Colts wordmark logo.

I added stripes back on the socks, something the Colts had about 10 years ago or so.

I also gave them blue pants, something that had about 20 years or more ago.

colts concept homecolts concept away 2 colts concept away

NFL Uniform Concepts Day 12 – San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles

I missed a blog for these yesterday so I have two for today.

First up, the Chargers.

The chargers have ALWAYS had the lightning bolt on the shoulders. So to be different, I had to change it up. They are still on the shoulders, but this time they go horizontal and also act as a trim for the top of the jersey to be a different color.

Helmets went from white to powder blue as well. Many teams have white helmets, none that I could think of have a powder blue helmet currently.

chargers concept home chargers concept home 2And the Away uniforms

chargers concept away 2 chargers concept away

Next, its the Eagles.

Went back to the kelly green that everyone seems to like so much. I also added grey to the color scheme.

eagles concept home

eagles concept away

Kind of a throwback look with a modern design.

Should have a new set for tomorrow.

NFL Uniform Concepts Day 10 – St. Louis Rams

The Rams are the next team I decided to make a uniform for.

I didn’t do too much to their uniforms. The helmet logo is one of the best but since I wanted to changed it a little, I added a texture pattern to it and gave it a slight shadow around the horn. I also gave the helmet a matte finish.

The gold was changed to more of a caramel gold/yellow color. It’s not quite the yellow of their old uniforms, a little orangier, but I think it works.

Other than that, the design is similar. I kept the contrasting colored shoulder/sleeve area like the current ones but made the gold stripe a horn as well. It’s tough to see from this angle, but you can see the tip of the horn comes around right above the cuff of the sleeve.

rams concept home 2 rams concept home


I like the helmet, but I can see why people wouldn’t.

Here is the helmet minus the texture.

rams helmet 2

NFL Uniform Concepts Day 9 – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got new logo’s recently but haven’t changed uniforms since becoming a team. Their uniforms are pretty nice but like every team I will have to change it up a bit.

Like the Browns concept, I got a little happy with all the combos between pants and jerseys.

One thing I did for this set was make the helmet have a color shift like the Jaguars did a few years back. I also ditched the silver all together.

(Jaguars Color Shift Helmet)

Primary Home

panthers concept 2 v3

Blacked Out Panther – For a team named after an all black animal, I think all black uniforms work.panthers concept 2

Blue Alternate
panthers concept 2 v4 Blue Pants Alternatepanthers concept 2 v2 Carolina Blue Setpanthers concept 2 v5


And the 3 away sets

Primary Away

panthers concept 2 away 1 panthers concept 2 away 3

I’m not a huge fan of the blue pants/white jersey combo. The pants look out of place to me.panthers concept 2 away 2


I kept the striping very thin on these and utilized them as kind of an outline.

NFL Uniform Concepts Day 8 – Cleveland Browns

Word on the street is that the Browns are the next team to get the Nike redesign treatment next season. It will be interesting since their Tampa Bay uni’s haven’t been received to well.

Anyway, I decided to changed the Browns look but still keep it classy.

First, a logo was put on the helmet.

browns concept 2 home 2

browns concept 2 away 2

The Browns have this great logo, perfect for a helmet, but it rarely ever see it used for anything. That was all I changed for the helmet.

Next, I took the stripe from that logo and used it as a design element across the chest of the jersey.

I also got a little combo crazy with this set and made 6 possible uniforms.

The “Brownie” look

browns concept 2 home 3

browns concept 2 home

browns concept 2 away

browns concept 2 away 3

We’ll only have to wait and see what Nike does.

NFL Uniform Concepts Day 7 – Miami Dolphins

Week 1 of this is capped off with the Miami Dolphins. They just got new uniforms last year, but here’s my concept anyway.

dolphine away dolphine home


I took the circle outline on the helmet logo and used it as a trim to separate the jersey torso from the shoulders. I wanted to add some orange since the current uniform doesn’t really have a lot of orange in it.