Donnie Does Chinese TV

You better have your butt in your seat, your 3 beers and a Fanta, and 18 free minutes cause that’s how much time you’ll need to watch the latest Donnie Does episode.

You finished watching it yet? Okay, good. Now you can read the following stuff I wrote.

That scene in front of the mirror? Oscar worthy stuff. Deniro. DiCaprio. Mahoney. They should just toss his name for Best Actor. Sorry Leo, but I don’t think you’ll win it this year either.

The drama doesn’t end there, though. Sneaking into a Chinese TV studio owned by the Army? Ballsy move right there. Dennis Rodman probably has a free pass into North Korea but Donnie has to sneak into a Chinese TV studio.

After all that hard work, finally getting up on stage and spilling his guts to the audience, he gets replaced by a chicken. Not even a goose or a duck. A supposed “stunt” chicken. That bird probably got first class on the way to the show.

BTW, the more I watch these videos, the more I think I need a pair of camera glasses.


Donnie Does Thailand Part 2

Things I learned from this episode.

-Do not, I repeat, DO NOT change Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us when Donnie is listening, especially if you change it to Jack Johnson.

-Cigarette’s + broad leaves can allow you to live for 5 days to 2 weeks without real food (maybe).

-Donnie could possibly be a pirate.

-This episode was Resplended (Copyright Donnie 2014).

Also, Resplendent is actually a real word. So depending on if Donnie said a “T” at the end, he was wrong and it is a real word.

Goose in my Basket is a Straight Up Fire Jam

This is the latest video from Donnie and the second (I think) music video he has done.

Good to see he’s getting some use from the suisey. I also wonder if he was getting the poof from the street barber.

Anyway, check it out. Funny as always and catchy as hell.