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Study Finds Ohio Residents Swear The Most of Any State

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New York Daily News – So much for the mild-mannered Midwest.

A recent study claims that Ohioans – not famously abrasive New Yorkers – have the foulest mouths in the nation.

Residents of the Buckeye State, who have the reputation of being God-fearing goodie-two-shoes, were found by Seattle-based mobile marketing company Marchex to use some seriously unsavory language.

The company analyzed more than 600,000 phone calls from the last 12 months, mostly consumer to business calls, including cable companies and car dealerships. Using voice-recognition software, they were able to pick out the choice words that are not spoken in polite conversation.

The institute found that Ohioans let slip a four-letter word in every 150th conversation or so. Other states with “sailor” language included Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Illinois.


I have to say, I’m pretty surprised Massachusetts wasn’t a top state for swearing. I’m even more shocked that it ranked in SECOND TO LAST. Only Washington was a less-sweary place. I hear swearing pretty frequently. I’m really curious now to see what it’s like in Ohio. Must be “mother effers” and “f this” and “f that” from everybody and their brother. (I would use the real swears, but like the study found, us Massachusetts residents don’t swear).

Here’s the real kicker though, Massachusetts is ranked 2nd as the least courteous state. So we don’t swear but we don’t give a crap either I guess.

Ohio is top 5 for both. I blame LeBron.