Examining the Case of Will Smith V Bitch

You may not be aware, but there is a well documented account of rapper and actor Will Smith being involved in a car accident with an old lady. You can watch the video below to listen to¬†Will’s account of the incident.

This is a very interesting case. Based on the evidence presented, it seems like Mr. Smith is not at fault, but everything seemed to be going against him.

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Equus Bass is the Worst Name for the Nicest Looking Brand New Old School Style Car Ever That I Like



The new 2015 Mustang will be officially unvieled on December 5th, but before that check out this Mustang inspired Equus Bass 770.

Take a late 1960’s Mustang and add a little bit of Dodge Charger in the front and some other random tid bits from other 70’s muscle cars and you get this beast. Made in Detroit. For just a mere $253,000. For the base model. But, like Ferris said…

And about the name. Equus Bass 770? Two U’s, Two S’s, Two 7’s, Too Much Money. But don’t lie and say you wouldn’t want one.