Browns New Uniforms Unveiled

Here they are.


They aren’t too bad. I like them.

Biggest change is the inclusion of a large CLEVELAND across the chest numbers and BROWNS down the side of the pants.

9 combinations in all.

Nike kept them pretty traditional with the sleeve stripes but added some new elements with the wordmarks and number outlines.


Celtics Unveil New “Parquet Pride” Alternate Uniforms

What is that on his arms? Wait….

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NFL Uniform Concepts Day 9 – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got new logo’s recently but haven’t changed uniforms since becoming a team. Their uniforms are pretty nice but like every team I will have to change it up a bit.

Like the Browns concept, I got a little happy with all the combos between pants and jerseys.

One thing I did for this set was make the helmet have a color shift like the Jaguars did a few years back. I also ditched the silver all together.

(Jaguars Color Shift Helmet)

Primary Home

panthers concept 2 v3

Blacked Out Panther – For a team named after an all black animal, I think all black uniforms work.panthers concept 2

Blue Alternate
panthers concept 2 v4 Blue Pants Alternatepanthers concept 2 v2 Carolina Blue Setpanthers concept 2 v5


And the 3 away sets

Primary Away

panthers concept 2 away 1 panthers concept 2 away 3

I’m not a huge fan of the blue pants/white jersey combo. The pants look out of place to me.panthers concept 2 away 2


I kept the striping very thin on these and utilized them as kind of an outline.

NFL Uniform Concept Bonus

I originally only made 1 jersey for each team, but I decided it would be better if I did both a home and an away.

So here are the complete sets for the first 4 sets of uniforms

Arizona Cardinals

arizona cardinals concept home

arizona cardinals concept

Green Bay Packers

packers concept 2packers concept 2 away

Pittsburgh Steelers

steelers concept steelers concept away

Oakland Raiders

raiders concept 2 raiders concept 2 away

As you can see, the Cardinals has the biggest change with the pants going from blue in the away jersey to white. The socks also change. The others are basically a color swap for the home and away uniforms.