Our Hero Returns….

October 9th.


There’s Only One Picture You Need to See of Tom Brady to Know What the Outcome Will be on Sunday.

Look at that picture. Look at the eyes of Brady. That doesn’t look like someone you want to piss off. That looks like the face of someone so determined to win so bad.

And don’t forget, he’s looking at his pal Peyton Manning, someone he likes and respects.

Imagine if that was someone he didn’t like?

I wouldn’t want to be that person.

And I don’t want to be the Broncos on Sunday.brady manning

That’s the “You won this round buddy, but just wait till next time….” look.

NFL Unveils Panthers/Cowboys Color Rush Uniforms, Completely Forgets The Whole Point of Color vs Color

So during the game last night, as will be done on all Thursday Night Football games, the NFL unveils the uniforms for the next weeks game.

That game is the Panthers vs Cowboys.

And the Cowboys will be wearing all white.

So much for the whole color on color concept.

The Panthers won’t look too much different from the Titans from last nights game. The Cowboys jersey is based off a throwback they have worn before, but this time with the matching white pants and socks. If the Cowboys wore blue socks, it would look pretty nice. Now they will just look like they are wearing tights.



Check out the New Uniforms for NFL’s Color Rush Thursday Games

If you haven’t heard, later this month and for the rest of the season, the NFL has created some color on color matchups.

This was announced a while back. When I heard this, I was all for it.

Soccer is the one sport where color on color happens often. In all four of the major North American sports, its color vs white or in baseball, white vs grey.

I like color on color. If you have two teams that don’t clash (lets say Browns vs Packers), I think there is no reason it can’t happen all the time. When we I heard the NFL would be doing this for Thursday games, I just assumed both teams would wear their colored jerseys. Simple.

Nope. Not that simple.

Instead, the NFL has gone a little NBA and created entirely new uniforms (repeat, uniforms, not just jerseys) for the games.

But they took it further with this whole color on color. I mean, they really made its color vs color, as in the the teams will wear one solid color, head to toe, err, scratch that, shoulder to toe (the NFL has the one helmet rule so if you have a different color helmet than your jersey, it stays different).

Here’s what the Jets and BIlls will be wearing.

What do you think? Cool? Too much?

I think just going with the colored jerseys would have sufficed.

Browns New Uniforms Unveiled

Here they are.



They aren’t too bad. I like them.

Biggest change is the inclusion of a large CLEVELAND across the chest numbers and BROWNS down the side of the pants.

9 combinations in all.


Nike kept them pretty traditional with the sleeve stripes but added some new elements with the wordmarks and number outlines.

GIMP Tutorial – Creating a Decal Effect for Football Helmet Logos

You may have seen the helmet logo concepts that were going around the internet.

(You can see a lot more, and quite frankly, a lot more well executed ones at Chris Creamers Sportslogos.net Forums).

Anyway, I decided to create a little tutorial for a small detail that can have a big impact on the overall look of the concept.

First, find the logo you want. If you are using your own logo, hopefully it is a PNG image since those are easier to work with in these situations. Larger images are also more helpful.

For this tutorial, I am using a Patriots logo from wikipedia.

NOTE: Not pictured in the tutorial. After Step 2, duplicate the layer.

STEP 1. Paste the logo into your GIMP image.

decal logo effect 1


decal logo effect 2 a


decal logo effect 2


decal logo effect 4


decal logo effect 5


decal logo effect 6


decal logo effect 7


decal logo effect 8

Here is an example of the logo on a helmet. (Helmet template by Fraser Davidson).

Patriots concept helmet 2 decal effect

Thanks for reading, hopefully this tutorial is helpful in creating some concepts.