Our Hero Returns….

October 9th.


There’s Only One Picture You Need to See of Tom Brady to Know What the Outcome Will be on Sunday.

Look at that picture. Look at the eyes of Brady. That doesn’t look like someone you want to piss off. That looks like the face of someone so determined to win so bad.

And don’t forget, he’s looking at his pal Peyton Manning, someone he likes and respects.

Imagine if that was someone he didn’t like?

I wouldn’t want to be that person.

And I don’t want to be the Broncos on Sunday.brady manning

That’s the “You won this round buddy, but just wait till next time….” look.

Hey Seahawks, You Got Served! Butler INT Seals Victory For Patriots

Patriots' Malcolm Butler says he had vision he would make big play

Sweet fancy moses. If you weren’t dead, revived, died again, and ascended to heaven with Katy Perry, and then came back to life in the last minute of that game…..i lost my train of thought, but what an ending!

It went from the Patriots losing another Super Bowl thanks to a one and a million circus catch to them sealing the victory thanks to a defensive play and a boneheaded call by the Seahawks.

Unreal. I’m speechless.

I’m without speech.

Brady finally gets his fourth Super Bowl, 3rd SB MVP, and this one feels GREAT!!

The early story was Chris Matthews, the undrafted WR on Seattle who had frickin’ ZERO catches all year and somehow burns the D for 4, over 100 yards and a TD.

But the story turned to another undrafted player, Malcom Butler, the rookie who was victim to one of the craziest and luckiest catches in Super Bowl history, to the guy who saved the day. Tom Brady needs to give that truck to him.

And Seahawks, U Mad Bro? What’s up with the fighting after the kneel down? Can’t take losing like a man?

A few notes from the game,

-This is the 10th team out of the last 11 winners to wear white (Green Bay the exception).

-Gostowski didn’t have a FG, which is funny considering all the other wins were by 3 pts, and 2 by Vinatieri at the final seconds.

-Madden correctly predicted a 28-24 Patriots win, down to the 10 point comeback sealed by a Julian Edelman TD.

-Rob Ninkovich’s birthday was today. Best present ever.

-What might get lost in this Super Bowl is the Lenny Kravitz appearance at the half time show. What happened? I was ready for “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and then instead he sings like 5 lines from a Katy Perry song and was gone. Missy Elliot was a surprise and had more time than him.

I also would LOVE to see the NBC crew’s reaction to the final minute. You have Dungy and Harbaugh, two guys how probably can’t stand Belichick, and Rodney Harrison, one of Bill’s favorite guys. Rodney had to have had a huge smile if he wasn’t outright cheering. He knows what it’s like to seal a Super Bowl with an INT.

Jimmy Garoppolo And the Curious Knee Brace


Late in Sundays blowout win over Chicago, Jimmy G got some snaps, most notably getting sacked by Lamarr Houston who then preceeded to celebrate sacking the backup by blowing out his knee.

Speaking of knees, I noticed Garoppolo wearing a knee brace on his left knee, much like Brady. Brady obviously had his knee injury back in 2008 that led to him donning the brace since his return. Garoppolo wasn’t wearing one in pre-season. On a closer look, he WAS wearing once against Kansas City. So something happened between pre season and the regular season that led to this.

I wonder if the knee brace is a precautionary measure, hoping to prevent any serious injuries before they happen.

Pre Season, no knee brace


Kansas City with Knee Brace


And Sunday vs the Bears


It looks like it’s just a new piece of equipment for him.



Patriots Lose Opener to Dolphins, 33-20.

Well, that wasn’t that fun. But guess what? I ain’t even mad.

The last time the Patriots lost the season opener, it was back in 2003 and they lost to the Bills 31-0.

They also won the Super bowl that year, soooo I’m just hoping this is causation and not just a correlation ( I hope I used those two terms right).

Seriously though, some people act as if 0-1 is a death sentence and the season is over. What have you guys learned over watching the Patriots (or any Boston team for that matter) over the past 13 or so years? Don’t give up so easily.

About the game, they played a good first half. Got some turnovers. Made some plays, but came out flat in the second half. Maybe Brady’s calf was hurting him? Who knows.

All I know is Tom Brady hate’s losing more than he likes winning so maybe him getting ticked off from the get will get him going for the rest of the year.

I am more mad I had Rogers on both of my fantasy teams and he did diddlysquat. 0-2. But like with the Patriots, I’m not worried.

Bradford Out For Season, Mallett Sitting Out Final Preseason Game. Mallett to St. Louis?

It was just said today that Jimmy Garopollo will start the final preseason game for the Patriots, and he may play the entire game. A few days ago, the Rams learned they would be without Sam Bradford who suffered an ACL injury in the third preseason game.

Myself, and many others, have now begun to think that St. Louis could be a landing spot for the Patriots back up quarterback. This makes sense. It looks like Jimmy G has surpassed Mallett as the Patriots No. 2 behind Brady, and Mallett might be the best available option for the Rams.

It looks like if they do trade Mallett, it won’t happen until after the final preseason game.

Tough End to the Bruins Season, Similar to Other Recent Boston Losses

It seems if you’re a fan of Boston sports, you either win big or lose big. Nothing in between. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all spoiled with all of the success and championships from the last 12 years. There are, however, just as many lows to go with that. Here’s my quick rundown.

Highest Highs

  • 2002 Super Bowl Champions
  • 2004 Super Bowl Champions
  • 2004 World Series Champions
  • 2005 Super Bowl Champions
  • 2007 World Series Champions
  • 2008 NBA Champions
  • 2011 Stanley Cup Champions
  • 2013 World Series Champions

And the Lows

  • 2003 ALCS Loss (Game 7 Extra inning’s walk off to the Yankees)
  • 2006 AFC Championship Loss (Peyton comes back from 18 down to advance to SB)
  • 2008 Super Bowl Loss (Perfect season ruined in final minutes thanks to miraculous catch, again to New York)
  • 2010 NBA Championship Loss (C’s lose Perkins, fall to rival Lakers in 7 in close defeat)
  • 2010 SC Playoff Loss (B’s blow 3-0 lead against Philly)
  • 2012 Super Bowl Loss (again to the Giants in the same fasion as the previous, de ja vu)
  • 2013 SC Finals (B’s allow 2 goals in 17 in finals minutes of Game 6 in Boston)
  • 2014 AFC Championship (loss to Peyton Manning)
  • 2014 SC Playoff Loss (B’s lose to rival Canadiens in Game 7)

So basically, all of the tough loses come to the biggest rivals of the respective teams. Peyton beats Brady. Yankees beat the Sox. Candiens top Bruins, Lakers over Celtics.

Anyway, enough complaining.

I’ll just leave this Bruins Game 7 before and after photo of Ben Affleck, which sums up how all us Bruins fans feel.

Before Game 7

After Game 7