JBJ. Doing It All Now


He was always a stud fielder. Now in the last week, his bat has come alive.

Yesterday he had 5 hits (2 hrs, 3 doubles), 5 runs, and 7 RBI. Oritz got 7 RBI for the first time in his career earlier this season.

He’s got 15 hits in the last 5 games, he had 7 all season before that.

And he makes Top 10 plays in the field like once a game.

I’m really hoping this kid turns it on like this for the rest of the year.

And a great one from last year


The Best of Pedro Martinez

pedro retired number 45

Tonight is the night. Pedro Martinez is getting his number 45 retired at Fenway Park. He is now among the greats of Bobby Doerr, Joe Cronin, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, and Jim Rice.

This is a great day for Pedro, and a rare bright spot for us Sox fans, so let us look back at some of Pedro’s finest moments as a Red Sox player.

One of everyone favorite memories, Pedro starting the All Star game at Fenway and just K-ing every body. 5 strikeouts in 2 innings. 1 guy was thrown out. Pedro wished the base runner was safe so he would strike out 6.

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“The Steal” 10 Years Later

Wow. 10 years. Time flew by. And in that time, the Red Sox amassed 3 World Series titles. The first one in this run, in ’04, was a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals. While that sweep was impressive, it was the historic comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS that is one of the most memorable series in Red Sox history.

And it all started thanks to one play. Dave Robert’s steal. Without it, who knows. If he is out, the Sox might have been swept. But he wasn’t out. And it was the Sox who won 4 straight to beat the Yankees.

Big Day for Sox Fans, Castillo To Make MLB Debut Tonight


Well here it is. They day Red Sox fans have been waiting for (you know, since this season was in the toilet pretty early on). Rusney Castillo will make his MLB debut tonight after basically playing in all the minor league playoffs. Continue reading “Big Day for Sox Fans, Castillo To Make MLB Debut Tonight”

Jr. Still Getting it Done in the Field

His bat may be cold but his glove is on fire. Once or twice a week there is a great defensive play made by Jackie Bradley Jr. He’s starting to look like another Jr, defensively anyway. The hitting will eventually come around, so I’m not worried about that. They got Cespedes to pick up the slack for offense from outfielders.

While were talking about JBJ, might as well show some other highlights from this year.

This one is my personal favorite

Nice as well

Now if he can do all of those ^ plus maybe like 30 of these of a year, we’ll be all set

Sox Send Lester, Gomes West to Oakland for Cespedes, Pick

cespedes sox


CBS Sports – The Red Sox have traded Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes and cash to the Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com has confirmed. Boston will also receive Oakland’s competitive balance pick in the 2015 draft.


So it is done. Jon Lester (and Jonny Gomes) is no longer a member of the Red Sox, the only team he has known until today.

I can’t say I love the trade since Lester was my boy, but I do like Cespedes, and if the Sox do try to and successfully somehow resign Lester in the offseason, this would be a GREAT trade. The Sox needed some offensive pop in their line up, especially in the outfield.

Defensively, they are great. Bradley should win a Gold Glove (probably won’t though) and Victorino, while hurt most of the year, is always solid. Now adding Cespedes adds power in the line up and another arm in the outfield. I’d like to see anyone try to run on Bradley and Cespedes.

Let’s not forget Jonny Gomes either. While his play declined this year, along with his playing time, he was a genuine guy and seemed like a great guy in the clubhouse. It also seemed like he truly loved the city of Boston.

In case anyone was wondering, the Sox DO NOT play the A’s again this year.

This Stat Will Make You Truly Appreciate the Distance of Ted William’s Longest Home Run at Fenway

Remember this from the Home Run Derby the other night? Stanton’s blast was probably the best homer of the night. The upper, upper deck. Real distance 422ft, projected 510. That’s a shot and a half.

But remember this. There is a red seat out in the right field bleachers at Fenway Park that is 502 feet from home plate. That’s where the ball eventually landed after coming off the bat of Ted Williams back on June 9th, 1946. Not the projected distance, the actual distance.

That got me thinking, if Stanton’s 422 moonshot was that impressive, how impressive was Williams’?

With a quick good search, I found my answer.

There’s some technical, mathematical analysis that derived the final answer, so I’ll just quote the source:

“The 502 foot figure is an accurate measurement of the horizontal distance to the “Red Seat”, but since the impact point was approximately 30 feet above field level, the ball would have covered more distance before landing at field level, had its flight not been interrupted. To reconstruct the trajectory, wind and temperature assumptions must be made, as well as a flight time to the Red Seat. Contemporary meteorological records list the afternoon high temperature as 76 degrees, and the wind at 19-24 mph from the west, so values of 76 degrees and 21 mph out to RF were selected. For time in flight, a variety of values were tested, with 5.8 seconds yielding a speed-off-bat of 119.4 mph and an angle of 30.3 degrees, which fits well with Williams’ recollection that he hit the ball at a nearly perfect trajectory. Using these values, the Red Seat homer is projected to have traveled an additional 28 feet after impact, taking the total distance to 530 feet.” –Hit Tracker Online

530 feet. Damn. That’s impressive. Remember, the guy was called the Splendid Splinter.