David Letterman’s Set Is Going to a Special Place….A Dumpster


NY POST -“Thanks, Dave. Now get out!

CBS wasted no time in kicking David Letterman’s set to the curb. Sentimental fans gathered outside the Ed Sullivan Theater on Thursday to watch as stagehands unceremoniously crushed and sawed through iconic pieces of the “Late Show” backdrop the day after the final show.

“I can’t believe they’re just demolishing the whole thing. It’s shocking,” said Stephanie Strausz, of Manhattan, who scored a second-row ticket to Wednesday’s star-studded finale.

“It should go in the Smithsonian, not the Dumpster,” she said.”


David Letterman ended a 30 plus year career on late night tv Wednesday night and now his set is getting tossed out. For real. Just like throwing it into a dumpster and breaking it up. Kinda unusual, you think they would save some of it. I guess they are saving some things, but you think CBS could cash in and sell pieces to fans or anyone that wants it.

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Golden Globes Time

Never gets old. Clap with style. Clap with confidence. Clap like a boss.

These are usually pretty good shows and I half pay attention to them slash have it on in the background.

Donnie Does Thailand Part 2

Things I learned from this episode.

-Do not, I repeat, DO NOT change Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us when Donnie is listening, especially if you change it to Jack Johnson.

-Cigarette’s + broad leaves can allow you to live for 5 days to 2 weeks without real food (maybe).

-Donnie could possibly be a pirate.

-This episode was Resplended (Copyright Donnie 2014).

Also, Resplendent is actually a real word. So depending on if Donnie said a “T” at the end, he was wrong and it is a real word.

Donnie Does Thailand – Full Moon Party

Isn’t this Donnie Does China? Well not for this episode. He takes a camera and a producer to Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand to see if they can make a better travel show than that smug prick Anthony Bourdain (his words not mine). It also just happen to be a big coincidence that it was  at the same time as the Full Moon Party *wink wink*. Nevertheless, Donnie shows us what its like partying with a bunch of people from around the world in Thailand.

So, to answer the question of is his a better show than Anthony Bourdain’s? Well, I don’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s show so I couldn’t really tell you. But I’ll say, yeah. Plus this was only part 1. Part 2 is coming this Wednesday, January 8th.

BTW, his producer guy looks kinda like that Scott dude from the Kardashians. Just a little. Like a slightly chubbier version.


The Bear and the Gang is coming back! Teaser

dougie 27 pie

And Dougie Hamilton will haunt your dreams while also serving you a delicious looking (?) pie while being accompanied by some nice yodeling.

Link cause I can’t figure out how to embed the video



Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart share a Lyft Car

If you don’t know what Lyft is (like I didn’t before watching this video) it’s an app that lets you find people to give you rides.

For one lucky guy, he got to give Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart a ride around Hollywood. Hilarity ensues.

I have no idea how these 3 got together but they should do a movie or something.