New “Rogue One” Trailer Drops


It looks frickin’ sweet!


All the old school costumes and ships but made today with superior technology. In the car world, that’s called a resto-mod. Classic looks, modern mechanics.

If you don’t know, this movie takes place right before Episode IV: A New Hope. It is the story of the rebels who stole the Death Star plans that Princess Leia eventually  gives to R2D2 and sets that whole series of events in motion.

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New Japanese STAR WARS Trailer Has New Footage

There’s a new Star Wars trailer, the Japanese version.

We get a good amount of new shots (including maybe my favorite of those TIE fighters in the sun. Reminds me of a Vietnam movie or something).

Anyway, on to the trailer.

I also liked these shots too.

A lot of people wondering if there is a family link between Rey and Kylo Ren (They do share the same letters, right?)

Also, zero Luke Skywalker in this trailer. We only had that brief clip of him, and that is not entirely known if it is him.

We will see what is up on December 18th.

New Star Wars Trailer Is Out and It Delivers

Man, the inner child in me was happy to see this.

Nothing better than that soft, John Williams music to start of the trailer with Luke’s voice over.

Luke is back. Han is back. Chewy is there. You see Vader’s half burnt helmet from the end of Return of the Jedi.

The Falcon is flying around, battling these new TIE fighters. It looks like there is some form of the old Empire hanging around.

We will get to know these new people soon enough, but for now, its all nostalgia.

The Death Star Moon is a Thing? Where Have I Been?

I saw along the bottom of Bing (yes, that’s my default new tab site and I actually enjoy the nice pictures they show each day) there was something about the Death Star Moon. Naturally I had to look it up. It’s real name is Mimas (lame). It should just be official changed to Death Star Moon.

I guess it has been called this for a little while. News to me though.

The real article that I found out about this was how this moon may have the building for life burried deep inside it or something like that. I don’t really know, I was just curious about the name. Here’s that link – Could Saturn’s “Death Star” Moon Hide Building Blocks For Life?

Haha, jokes on you Obi Wan. It IS a moon. This time anyway.