JBJ. Doing It All Now


He was always a stud fielder. Now in the last week, his bat has come alive.

Yesterday he had 5 hits (2 hrs, 3 doubles), 5 runs, and 7 RBI. Oritz got 7 RBI for the first time in his career earlier this season.

He’s got 15 hits in the last 5 games, he had 7 all season before that.

And he makes Top 10 plays in the field like once a game.

I’m really hoping this kid turns it on like this for the rest of the year.

And a great one from last year


Gronk Plays Culkin to Edelman’s Gosling

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Well Gronk did it. He got the shirt of Edelman wearing Gronk shirt. Some people may think this is lame since they’re just copying Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin, but I think it’s still pretty funny.

I hope this escalates until the season starts, and it ends with Gronk wearing Edelman as a t shirt.

Julian Edelman pulling a Ryan Gosling Pulling a Macaulay Culkin Pulling a Ryan Gosling is The Best Thing Today

Gotta hand it to Edelman, he pulls of the Gosling looks pretty well, down to the sunglasses. T-shirtception for real.

Also, here’s like a 50% chance Gronk just wears a Macaulay Culkin shirt instead of a shirt with Edelman wearing Gronk shirt cause he didn’t quite understand what was going on.