New “Rogue One” Trailer Drops


It looks frickin’ sweet!


All the old school costumes and ships but made today with superior technology. In the car world, that’s called a resto-mod. Classic looks, modern mechanics.

If you don’t know, this movie takes place right before Episode IV: A New Hope. It is the story of the rebels who stole the Death Star plans that Princess Leia eventually ¬†gives to R2D2 and sets that whole series of events in motion.

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Batman vs Superman Trailer Officially Released

It was leaked earlier, but Zach Snyder and WB released the real deal video to youtube, which was great for all us fans.

It has an intense, dark vibe to the movie.

Also, note Batman holding a sniper rifle at 1:34, a nod to the comics The Dark Knight Returns, which heavily influences this movie.

Teaser for Chris Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR is just that…

…a big tease.

Nolan has the teaser trailer down to a science. Show just enough to get everyone interested in the movie without actually saying what the movie is about, which is nice since half the trailers out there show everything from a movie it seems.

From the trailer, all we know is it deals with space and Mathew McConaughey is in it.

Check out some of his other teasers, they do the same thing.

Batman Begins

At the end of this one, big time goosebumps. Once again, you don’t know what the movie is about until the very end when you see literally a nanosecond of Batman flash across the screen and then the slow reveal of the Bat symbol.

You know it’s Batman, but don’t know who he’s fighting, who the other characters are, what the story is


Ok, so it says that your mind is the scene of the crime

“Wait, what? How? Aw man, I can’t wait to see this movie to find out” -Everybody.

The Dark Knight Rises

It’s a little tougher to have a good teaser when the main character is already known and we, as the audience, know who some of the possible characters are, so this one isn’t the best, but it makes up for it at the end. All of a sudden, BAM, Batman backing down from Bane. Batman never backs down. And to top it off, he’s winded and laboring. You know he’s gonna take a beating (and if you know the comics, you already know that was going to happen) That few seconds alone makes that teaser great.

Instead of teasing the plot or story like the Inception and Interstellar ones do, this one teases a character- Bane.

Let’s be honest though. As soon as “From Christopher Nolan” popped up, I knew I would be seeing this movie, irregardless of what the teaser was like.