The NBA’s Case of Tighty Whities

As many of you know, Nike is the new uniform supplier for the NBA, taking over for Adidas. New with Nike’s takeover is the use of the maker’s mark on the jerseys themselves.

Previously, with Adidas, Reebok, and other manufacturers, the league kept the logos off the uniforms, allowing only the team and league logos to be present. It was the only league that was like this, but now, they too are like the other major sports.

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Check out the New Uniforms for NFL’s Color Rush Thursday Games

If you haven’t heard, later this month and for the rest of the season, the NFL has created some color on color matchups.

This was announced a while back. When I heard this, I was all for it.

Soccer is the one sport where color on color happens often. In all four of the major North American sports, its color vs white or in baseball, white vs grey.

I like color on color. If you have two teams that don’t clash (lets say Browns vs Packers), I think there is no reason it can’t happen all the time. When we I heard the NFL would be doing this for Thursday games, I just assumed both teams would wear their colored jerseys. Simple.

Nope. Not that simple.

Instead, the NFL has gone a little NBA and created entirely new uniforms (repeat, uniforms, not just jerseys) for the games.

But they took it further with this whole color on color. I mean, they really made its color vs color, as in the the teams will wear one solid color, head to toe, err, scratch that, shoulder to toe (the NFL has the one helmet rule so if you have a different color helmet than your jersey, it stays different).

Here’s what the Jets and BIlls will be wearing.

What do you think? Cool? Too much?

I think just going with the colored jerseys would have sufficed.

The Clippers Have New Logos and Uniforms….Aaaaaand Nobdy Likes Them

Here they are, you 2015-16 Los Angeles Clippers Uniforms!

And they’re not that great.

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NFL Uniform Concept Bonus

I originally only made 1 jersey for each team, but I decided it would be better if I did both a home and an away.

So here are the complete sets for the first 4 sets of uniforms

Arizona Cardinals

arizona cardinals concept home

arizona cardinals concept

Green Bay Packers

packers concept 2packers concept 2 away

Pittsburgh Steelers

steelers concept steelers concept away

Oakland Raiders

raiders concept 2 raiders concept 2 away

As you can see, the Cardinals has the biggest change with the pants going from blue in the away jersey to white. The socks also change. The others are basically a color swap for the home and away uniforms.

NBA’s Special Christmas Day Uni’s

bulls xmas uni

Sports Illustrated-The NBA and Adidas unveiled Thursday the short sleeve jerseys that will be worn during this year’s Christmas Day quintuple-header. The solid-color jersey designs feature an over-sized team logo on the front; the player’s number has been moved from the chest to the left sleeve.

I don’t think these look too bad, but they don’t really look like basketball jerseys. It looks like a soccer uniform with NBA team logos. I guess the logos are all shiny silver since its for Christmas and they want to look like an ornament or something.

NBA is missing out on the Celtics for Christmas this year. I know they aren’t the star powered team of the last few years when the Christmas game was a given, but the lack of a green uniform on Christmas is a little bit of a let down.

They do, however, make a Celtics version of the Christmas jerseys.

celtics xmas uni

Full gallery here @ SI –