Two Ladies Get Caught Stealing Guy’s Stuff At the Beach and They Have the Audacity to be Mad that He’s Filming Them

Great video. It already has over 4 million views and was only upload Saturday the 5th. Gotta love the effort by those ladies. Go from playing dumb to caught and angry in like 5 seconds. Love the giggle by the guy after the one lady tries to talk tough to him.

The only bad thing about this video is that it is only a minute. Would love to see more. Imagine this lady was your neighbor and you find her on youtube trying to steal some guys stuff? Embarrassing.


The Best of Bryzgalov is Must Watch Video on Youtube

I never knew much about Bryz before 24/7. So if you’re like me, watch this video. It’s full of great interviews and quotes from the man himself.



European Street Guitarist Absolutely Killing It on the Guitar

This is one of those situations where words don’t do this video any justice. You just have to listen.

Sweet guitar work. Catchy as hell too. I’ve been humming this all day.

I did notice not to many people stopped to give him some money. Definitely deserved some more.

I want to give him an electric guitar. Guy would shred. SHRED. It might be too powerful for his own good though. People’s faces would melt.

Psy feat. Snoop Dogg (I mean, Snoop Lion) – HANGOVER

The new single from Psy. Will it be the next Gangnam Style? Probably not, but the video is pretty funny, especially seeing Snoop skip down the street with Psy and some older Korean ladies.

There are some people that probably don’t want to see Psy again but I’m not one of them.

At the end of the video, it says he has a new single “Daddy” coming out this summer. I’ll be waiting for that.

snoop psy


This Dude Missing the Bus Twice And Getting A Lift On A Scooter Brings Up the Question: Is Running After a Bus a Lame Move?

It’s pretty funny when the guy gets off the first time and the bus pulls away again. Good for the guy giving him a lift too. I can totally see that being a movie in the next year or two. Guy picks up stranger who missed bus only to find out stranger has some special thing and now the scooter guy is caught in a web of espionage and…ok, anyway, let’s get back to the question.

Is running after the bus lame? Like, I feel anytime you see someone running after a bus they look like a loser.

This may because in college the shuttle buses than ran to all the campuses came at sporadic times and I always thought you look like such a nerd or a goon running after the bus like you can’t wait to get to class on time. Obviously it sucks to miss a bus, especially when you know it’s gonna be a little while until the next one arrives.

Worse than missing the bus though, was getting rejected. We’d load as many kids onto those shuttle busses (which were basically just regular flat front school buses but they did have nice comfy seats) until we had kids standing right up until the front door.

One time, I was just about to get on, never even occuring to me that I wouldn’t get on, only to have the driver say, sorry, we’re full. You gotta wait for the next one. I’m pretty sure I was the last kid too, like some fat asses couldn’t squeez together a little more and let me one. Who knows, maybe there were a few other kids too, my memory could have me thinking this way for dramatic effect.

Sidenote, the school upgraded the busses my junior year and instead of facing forward, the seats face each other all along the bus. Talk about awkward situations. Just keep your head down and stare at people’s feet.

Donnie Does Chinese TV

You better have your butt in your seat, your 3 beers and a Fanta, and 18 free minutes cause that’s how much time you’ll need to watch the latest Donnie Does episode.

You finished watching it yet? Okay, good. Now you can read the following stuff I wrote.

That scene in front of the mirror? Oscar worthy stuff. Deniro. DiCaprio. Mahoney. They should just toss his name for Best Actor. Sorry Leo, but I don’t think you’ll win it this year either.

The drama doesn’t end there, though. Sneaking into a Chinese TV studio owned by the Army? Ballsy move right there. Dennis Rodman probably has a free pass into North Korea but Donnie has to sneak into a Chinese TV studio.

After all that hard work, finally getting up on stage and spilling his guts to the audience, he gets replaced by a chicken. Not even a goose or a duck. A supposed “stunt” chicken. That bird probably got first class on the way to the show.

BTW, the more I watch these videos, the more I think I need a pair of camera glasses.

Goose in my Basket is a Straight Up Fire Jam

This is the latest video from Donnie and the second (I think) music video he has done.

Good to see he’s getting some use from the suisey. I also wonder if he was getting the poof from the street barber.

Anyway, check it out. Funny as always and catchy as hell.