The Starburys Are Back! So What Does that Mean?

#starbury COMING SOON

A photo posted by Stephon X. Marbury (@starburymarbury) on Sep 28, 2015 at 10:24am PDT


NY DAILY NEWS  – Watch out, Yeezy Boost — the Starbury is coming back to the sneaker scene.

Retired NBA player and current Chinese Basketball Association star Stephon Marbury is hoping to re-create the magic he had over the retail world in 2006 by reviving his extremely inexpensive sneakers.

The Coney Island native, 38, unveiled sketches of the $15 high-top sneakers in several posts via Instagram last week, teasing that they are “coming soon.

#starburyFlavors COMING SOON

A photo posted by Stephon X. Marbury (@starburymarbury) on Sep 28, 2015 at 10:29am PDT


News hit this week that the Starburys are coming back. And this means two things, well maybe three.

1. Stephon Marbury is still out there. He’s over in China winning titles and getting statues of himself built.

2. We can all get shoes for $15

3. Sneakerhead snobs will say these are ugly and terrible (scratch that, they are saying these are ugly and terrible) yet would gladly wait in line for 4 hours and pay $200 if they had a Jumpman logo on the side.

starbury sneakers

Now I don’t really care about the Starburys or Jordans. I like sneakers if I like how they look.

I just hate snobs of anykind, And you KNOW that people would be lining up outside Footlockers all over just to get these shoes if they were the new Jordans. You KNOW IT. Am I right or what? I’ll just save you the time and answer for you, I’m right.

Anyway, the shoes aren’t bad looking.

SIDENOTE – Back in the day when I first went to a Steve and Barry’s like 10 years ago, I had no idea the stuff was like $6 every day. So me and my cousin and our dad’s bought a ton of crap. College tee’s, leather jackets cause why not. I got a $6 Chevy Racing jacket. Wore it maybe once. And I say maybe once cause it was at night and like no one saw me wearing it.


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