The Jordan #RE2PECT Derek Jeter Ad Brings Up Great Question – What Exactly Qualifies As a Hat Tip? (Thanks Around the Horn)

Izzy brings up a great question here. Is the hat tip require the hat coming off of the head or is just a tug on the brim good enough? Some people do the “I kinda lift it off of my head but not all the way” thing.

I decided to take a look and see what exactly people do to tip there cap. There where 3 main types. Here’s the abbreviations for all of these.

  • Fully off of the head = OFF
  • Tug on the brim = TUG
  • Lifting of the hat = LIFT

Here’s the breakdown from the commercial of the people involved (minus crowd shots where there were too many people):

  1. Lester – Lift
  2. Third Base coach – Tug
  3. Hot Dog Vendor – Off
  4. Spike Lee – Tug
  5. Rudy Guliani – Lift
  6. Jeter’s Dad – Lift
  7. Silhouette Guy – Fully off of the head (this is a real tip of the cap)
  8. 3 NYPD – Off
  9. 2 FDNY – Lift
  10. Dudes in the car – Tug/lift
  11. Carmelo – Off
  12. Billy Crystal – Tug
  13. 2 Sox Fans – Lift
  14. Tiger Woods – Tug
  15. Eric Koston – Lift (although he’s like 95% off, borderline fully off)
  16. Guy with feet up – Off
  17. 2 Line Cooks – Lift
  18. Hoodie Girl – tug (even though it’s a hoodie so does this count?)
  19. Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss – Lift
  20. 3 (Fake) Mets + (Real) Mr. Met – 3 Off/Lift
  21. Jay Z – The laziest lift ever. I mean he barely touches the brim
  22. Old Bell Hop – Tug
  23. Mariano, Pettitte, Torre, Tino Martinez, and Posado – Tug
  24. Little Kid – Lift
  25. Michael Jordan – Lift

Here’s the final count

  • Hats off – 10
  • Tugs on brim – 12
  • Hats lifted – 16

So there you have it. The most common type of hat tip is the lifting of the cap. The least common is actually taking the hat off of your head completely. Probably because it takes too much effort I guess, right? We’re all lazy.



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